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2/08/2016 9:31 pm  #1

Sorry For All the Posts

This one is about helping my darling let go of the past. Not with me, I know that will be the easiest one. Normally he never let's go, and I noticed the more he holds on to, the colder he becomes. But then I thought that if he was able to let go of our past, would he be able to let go of all the other painful pasts?

One of the pasts that he has trouble letting go of is one with the friend I am trying to attract back. He seems to hold a lot of anger towards her, but from what I have seen she has changed. I know only he can let go, but is there a way I can still help him in some way.

I want to show him the beauty of forgiving and letting go with our relationship, where it help him let go of everything else. I really love him and it makes me cry that his past has made him so cold. I want him to realize that the past doesn't matter and love himself more.

He's not the type of negative person who drains my spirits and makes me miserable. I still sense that part of him that believes and want to find a way to reach out to it. I really love him and I really want him to be on the same happy level as myself.

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