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2/08/2016 6:30 am  #1


Hello to all. I hope that you all have very happy and joyfull day :D

I want to share my experience in last two weeks. Almost all know my story, but if you dont go to subject Leli story :DΒ 
With my future wife we are not together yet, she is still in relationship and we have no contact. But what happened in last two weeks it is out of my minde. I didnt ask god for some signs because i know that she will come back to me so i really dont need thoose things just to be sure that she is on way to me :DBut it is very nice to see those signs, and i see them all the time. Name, Surename, car plate, cars etc.... :D Every night before i go in bed i have gratitude time. Time when i look what good has happened to me in that day, and i put some gratitude for those beautiful things. Even if they are small, like smile form another person, some quote from books etc. And every day i give a huge gratitude to God that she is with me. In last 10 day i always dreams about her, some day i dream how she come to me, other day how we are engaged, how she is pregnant etc.... But last night my dreams was fantastic. I dream about her. Today she have birthday, and i dream how i was there to wish her HB. I saw her parents who said to me: " you know, my daughter made the worst desition when she left you. We are very sorry, because she did this to you". In next moment i was outside of house, my future wife come to me, she said something but i dont remember what. Then our dog come to me like he did Β every night when i go to her. Later my dream just continue. I was dreaming that i am on other pararel world where we are together, someone say to me. You know, i meet your future wife (on other world) and she told me that she made mistake when she left you, and she is very very sorry. She still love you and she think about how she can left her current boyfriend and come back to you.Β 

So what this mean?
I listen few Neville books where he describe dreams. He said that dreams are door to heaven. And when we dream we have the most powerfull visualisation. In book conversation with GOD there are few lines about dream. It said that dreams are your answer where you are now or where you are going with your toughts. So i am on right way :D
Have anybody similar experience? Veronica, Cherised what is your explanation about dreams and LOA?

To give some courege to all that LOA work i will told you a few stories from my life which include LOA on work:
- yesterday i was on my road to church. Every sunday it is almost impossibile to get parking lot, but yesterday i say i will get one parking lot for sure and when i come, there was almost empty parking lot. 5 minutes before mass start the church was almost empty and in next few minutes the church become full. This is first time in 5 years that this happened :D
- When i finished my middle schoole we had a test which include 5 different subject. For this test i study just 7 days and i didnt go thrue all questions. From each subject i choose few questionst and study just them. I was 100% sure that i will pick up those question. And it was exactly like that :D After resultats of this test come out i had best resultat on school and my name is in book with best student from this school. Β 
- There are few more good stories in my life where i unknown use LOA for my good.
- But i have even bad stories. Storie with my future wife is one of those. I had fun with her and toughts that she will be with x boy. She become pissed on me when i had fun about this. 3 months later she is with him.Β 
- My cousen had very bad first experience with boyfriend. He cheated on her. So when she got new boyfriend she always thinking how he will cheated her. And so it was for every boyfriend she had. When she change her toughts she meet a boy who is loyal to her.

I could told you a lot of stories which include car, my relationship, relationships of other persons, job, education, events, phones....Those stories are from time before i meet LOA and only now i have explanation how those things work and i am happy to have this knowledge and i am excited about my future :D :D :DΒ 

In my neighboring country (Croatia) live one singer who have a song with few good lycris which put me in a fantastic moode, because i know that GOD will give us second chance.Β 
If God would give us tonight
love as an ultimate chance
rather then the world i woud take it.

Have a nice day. Β Love to all :D



1/15/2019 1:21 am  #2

Re: Dreams

HI Leli. I can understand your situation. I too faced the same issue.


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