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1/31/2016 9:41 am  #11

Re: is this a sign??

DumpedinSept wrote:

Himanshupatil wrote:

feeling awwesome today!!!
cherished is right... its fun to manifest small things..
i had fun manifesting 6 green signals and had a rocking drive( drove like crazy)...felt really awesome.....Β 
feeling high!!!
now i wish i can send love and light to my love teju..
i love her, i adore her... she a very beautiful lady...she is perfect and i love her the way she is!!Β 
i wish nothing but best for her and hope she is happy...

what a way to start your day! Isn't it a great feeling to manifest and it is the reality we create?

Love your vibe and the positivity. Keep it up. I have a loving and devoted relationship with him. We are together forever.

My cousin studied abroad in Australia, we should all go.

Thanks for this amazing reply.... it is fun to manifest small things... i m just learning them... and yea having fun!!!
btw since my last post i manifested free tea and a free dinner!!!
so the day just keeps getting better!!!

she is mine..... she is in love with me.... and i love her unconditionally!!

2/05/2022 7:36 am  #12

Re: is this a sign??

I believed astrology more because my father teach me about this.


5/20/2022 9:13 am  #13

Re: is this a sign??

Perfect brother, there is another video that helped me so much here is its link if you interested inΒ


6/18/2022 3:38 pm  #14

Re: is this a sign??



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