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1/03/2016 3:17 pm  #1

RS experiment on another guy!! πŸ˜‰

So I went away alone for a retreat in Spain just after Christmas, and there was a guy who I found slightlt attractive, so seeing as I was out of the country and not contacting Vee or anyone else I decided to do a RS experiment on this guy and document my progress to help the others out who are unsure whether their love is feeling rs or not. Please note I only met this guy on the retreat, so I started my rs 2 days after meeting him for the first time. (Sorry the update is slightly longer than I thought it would be when I initially started it)

29th Dec:
RS on A whilst he was sitting besides me during meditation.
After meditation, we all left the room, and whilst putting on my shoes A asked what direction I was going and we walked together. He did not ask anyone else, just me.
Also during dinner we had a conversation about LOA (he's a believer) and there was an empty chair in between us, and he started leaning towards me and even ended up putting one leg of his on the empty chair! So practically was sitting on the empty chair too!
Before bed I visualised us being on the trampoline together and spending the following day together. I also visualised me getting onto his back for a piggy back.

30th Dec 8am morning meditation:
A walked in, and was about to sit across the room from me, when randomly he changed his mind and came and sat next to me!
After the meditation, he went on the trampoline!!! I was so shocked when i saw him walking down the hill going towards the trampoline!
During our free time I sat by the pool and he was at the dining table, shortly after he came and sat on the sun lounger just opposite me randomly!
We spent lunch together (with a couple of other people)
After lunch, i was walking down the hill, finding a sunny spot to sit in alone when he saw me walking down the hill and told me to go jump on the trampoline!! Haha so I decided to do just that! So technically we both ended up on the trampoline today but just not together! (Its the first time we both used the trampoline here)
Again for yoga and workshop he came and sat next to me! And because he was next to me in the workshop we got put into pairs and had to do a practical exercise together! But half way he swapped pairs due to our strength difference so I got put with another woman instead. The next exercise was to dance together... After the exercise when we sat back down he was like "u missed out on dancing with me"!!
After the yoga class we walked again together for our tea break.
Also for dinner, I put my mug on the table and saved my seat on the dining table, and he put his notebook on the table to save his seat!! Obviously right next to me! Haha!
During dinner he was talking to me and a couple of people who were sitting opposite us. But whilst he was talking to them I realised he was leaning towards me! At times his hands would brush past me!
He then stopped talking to the others and started a conversation with just me. We joked around. He was again really close to me. He kept making eye contact with me and smiling whilst talking... To the point it would get uncomfortable and i would look away.
After dinner we had an optional meditation class and I asked if he was going that way, because he had a torch and It was dark. He said yes but we still had 20 mins till class and he was going to go to his cabin, but he said he drop me off on the way! And twice he told me to jump onto his back for a piggy back!! 😱 he initiated it both times! I just laughed about! Whilst outside the meditation room, we started play fighting too! It got abit touchy touchy! I was the only one there so I thought I would just go to my cabin too. I was surprised when he actually came looking for me when it was time for the meditation! So again we walked together! 

After the meditation, he said goodnight to everyone and walked off! I was shocked he didnt wait for me!! But then when i looked in his direction, I realised he had stopped walking a few metres away from me, so i walked towards him and when i got to him he started walking away! Bless him! He actually waited for me! Loll so we said goodnight and went into our separate cabins!

31st Jan:
I was picking out mushrooms from my risotto, and A saw and offered to take them, so i moved to the seat next to him so he could take them off my plate... I then joked if I see anymore I will chuck them on your plate and he goes no, you feed me them yourself!
We were joking around and at one point it got slightly touchy touchy!
Then whilst I was walking inside, the other man joked that A would have to feed me dinner tonight with his hands because of some food game that was organised for the evening. And A got excited and said yeh I will feed you myself but my hands are quite big and I replied back with a joke! Weird how the other guy told A to feed me and not anyone else!
We had a workshop on emotions, and A randomly asked the "teacher" whats the emotion called when your attracted to someone? I found that quite random for him to mention that out of any other possible emotion!
A offered to wash my bowl after eating. He said he doesnt usually wash anyone elses dishes but he will do mine!
After yoga, i noticed he picked up his mug from the room and pointed it out and he was like it seems like uv known me forever even though its only been a few days, u know my habits
Whilst on the sofa I was semi lying down and he was standing kind of besides the sofa against the staircase, and he noticed my "wedding rings" i was wearing but on the right hand and he asked "ruchi are u married or engaged?" He must have obviously been watching me lying there... No one else was in the room! 
Eve, he sat next to me for dinner, we had a blind fold food tasting game but i opted out of it. He wore one and kept trying to hand feed me his food! He also was licking his fingers on purpose in my face seductively. We had deep conversations during dinner, and he even topped up my wine glass, he doesnt drink but maybe trying to get me drunk. He was going up to get an orange segment so he asked if i would like one too and i said yes. When he came back he had an orange segment and 2 grapes, positioned to look like a guy's ahem ahem!! I was shocked considering he's only known me for 4 days! Im sure he felt the rs! Haha
Then when we were outside doing a bonfire for new year, we were taking selfies with the group and he was holding the selfie stick but as it was mine i was sorting it out and i must have been saying something to him when another guy goes to us when did u two get married? Ur fighting like a married couple! A was like yeah I agree!

1st Jan:
Breakfast he sat opposite me, and then came next to me after he finished eating. He then got me vitamin c tablets as I was feeling ill. He went to change his clothes and came back wearing the same colour tshirt as me! (Khaki colour so not that common) i noticed and pointed it out to him that we were matching! And he was like ahh thats interesting.
I was telling him about how i had to keep running back and forth from the room, and he was like ah yeah i saw u running once, u looked cute!
Today we had to walk down a gauge, but i had to return earlier as i had a massage booked and he was persuading me to stay! But i walked back alone. After my massage he saw me, he was having lunch and it felt like his face lit up! He was like ahh i was so worried about u! I thought u got lost etc and i sat down to tell him my experience etc. And then i got my lunch and was about to sit on the single chair outside and he was on the 2 seater and he started making space for me, i told him its ok i will sit on here but he insisted i sit next to him. Again i picked out my mushrooms and gave them to him. We had a laugh together and it seems like hes flirting with me! He also started showing me his family pics and pics of himself etc!
It was time for his massage, so he went to his room, and i went to chill by the massage place as thats my usual spot to chill when im alone! On his way to the massage he saw me and asked what i was doing here and i made a joke about wanting to see him strip as he was about to have a massage.... he then gave me paracetomols that i had asked for in the morning! Its like he was expecting to see me there otherwise why would he carry just tablets like that to the massage room! I then showed him the dodgy jump i did and he couldnt see it so he was like ur just going to have to take me there to show me!!
I got ill, and A is ill too and we've both been coughing a lot, so he gave me a throat spray in front of the everyone in the workshop, and another guy was like so you got her ill first and now you give her a cure, A laughed and agreed
Sat next to me for dinner. When we said our final goodbye, he hugged everyone including me, and then we had to go to my cabin to pick up his phone i was charging he hugged me again, which was sweet.
And today I found out his birthday is on 21st July!! He is a cancer (same starsign as Vee!!) which i kind of figured out before he told me his birthday, because they have similar personalities and sense of humour! I shared the same sort of banter with A like I do with Vee.  I guess thats why I felt so drawn to him because he reminded me of Vee! Like i would always chuck my mushrooms in A's plate, which is what I used to do with Vee too. Not to mention they are also the same age too! We just clicked instantly. It did feel like we were a couple, as we spent a lot of time together and sat with each other during meal times most of the time.  Even if A would be late to the workshop classes, the others would ask me where he was!

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1/03/2016 3:30 pm  #2

Re: RS experiment on another guy!! πŸ˜‰

Mrs Plaha, this is amazing and I am really happy you shared this story with us :-) I just didnt get from it if you did the RS every evening or just once? And just out of curiosity I would like to know. Actually you motivated me to just try it at some point on someone who i may like :-)


1/03/2016 3:35 pm  #3

Re: RS experiment on another guy!! πŸ˜‰

Cute story you got there!and yes RI truly works..

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together you and I
Hand in hand
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1/03/2016 3:46 pm  #4

Re: RS experiment on another guy!! πŸ˜‰

happygirl wrote:

Mrs Plaha, this is amazing and I am really happy you shared this story with us :-) I just didnt get from it if you did the RS every evening or just once? And just out of curiosity I would like to know. Actually you motivated me to just try it at some point on someone who i may like :-)

I probably did it once a day, max maybe twice on some days. But it was mild rs and only for a few mins.

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1/03/2016 4:40 pm  #5

Re: RS experiment on another guy!! πŸ˜‰

Cute story, RS really does work especially when we are not attached to the outcome. So it's perfect for strangers/new people.


1/03/2016 4:43 pm  #6

Re: RS experiment on another guy!! πŸ˜‰

LoveYourself wrote:

That's great thanks for sharing which RS did you use and what were the words you used? I know that others will be interested, but as I'm attracting a specific crush then I am especially interested

Just standard rs, no specific method.. Just kissing and touching him... Not too sexual at all. And i would whisper things like "u want to spend the whole day with me today" or "you want to talk me to more today" etc etc

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1/03/2016 5:13 pm  #7

Re: RS experiment on another guy!! πŸ˜‰

Now that I am back in london... We set up a whatsapp group with everyone from the retreat... I sent the pics in the group... I did not address any msg out to "A" but just said im home safe and that I miss everyone... "A" replied back to me!! It was a sweet msg!!

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1/03/2016 5:45 pm  #8

Re: RS experiment on another guy!! πŸ˜‰

Wow. That's so cool.


1/04/2016 3:21 am  #9

Re: RS experiment on another guy!! πŸ˜‰

I was so shocked at seeing this experience unfold right infront of my eyes! Now I definitely know that it is extremely powerful. (Also we are still texting each other, even though he is a different country to me)

I forgot to mention that whilst on the trampoline (30th Dec) i did intense RS on my love Vee whilst i was laying down and relaxing under the sun. I hadnt spoken to him whilst away as i kept my phone off and he tried sending me msgs on whatsapp but they wouldnt delivery!

So on 31st dec, he sent me a text msg instead (which I only saw yeaterday)

"Hey, are u ok? My messages didn't send on whatsapp so fort I ll check if everything is ok. I'm hoping ur on holiday n Alls good.  Leme know ur cool. Tc and have s good nye"

I replied back yesterday and told him I just landed back in london and he replied back straight away with:

"Hey, happy new year and welcome back. I'm good thanks, was just worried cus I fort u going airport to pick up nibs n didn't hear from u so was hoping everything is good although had a feeling u may have gone holiday"

Again it seems like my rs on him, made me think of me and try contacting me again!

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1/04/2016 8:50 am  #10

Re: RS experiment on another guy!! πŸ˜‰

Wow Mrs. P, that was a very effective experiment you did and how quickly it started to work! Having read this, I'm going to try some remote influence commands on a relative of mine who I want to stop contacting me at all hours of the day without actually having to be blunt with him in real life! lol


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