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3/10/2023 3:25 am  #1

SP is attracted but pushes back himself?

I am attracting SP and he does get in touch but...yeah in a backfiring way - he then texts out of the blue, he had a girlfriend now or he does some hurtful things in my perspective; continue arguing or as if showing me why we should not be together, without me even bringing the subject.
Is that like a test i should continue harder? or is that like sign i should give up? i doubt then my choice...maybe he is really not for me then if this happens?
How do you approach this?


3/10/2023 11:57 am  #2

Re: SP is attracted but pushes back himself?

Hey, I'm by no means a manifesting expert. I'm a novice too but I think maybe you should ask yourself why you want this relationship with this person. If you're thinking that he is really not for you is that because you don't really like him or is it that you believe that what you are destined for is outside of your control?

I also want to manifest an SP and yes, I do adore him but there's a huge part of me that wants him to validate me. His rejection hurt my ego. In other words, I needed him to accept me so that I feel like I had value. It took me awhile to admit that cause again--my ego. So now, I am trying to focus more on my self-image and my self-esteem and to realize that I can have anything I want cause I am just that amazing. -_-;

So, do you want him because you want him or do you want him because you think it will make you feel a certain way about yourself?

The universe doesn't test you. Nor should you try harder. If you try harder, it will just get harder. I think what seems like a test, is actually just allowing it. I know I do this too. So it feels a lot like the pot calling the kettle black (I think that's how the saying goes).

I hope I'm helping and not stepping out of my lane here


3/10/2023 12:15 pm  #3

Re: SP is attracted but pushes back himself?

I think lexi777 gave great advice here.  Especially the thought about the Universe not testing you.  It is true that putting more force into something is never the answer.

The best question is... what do you actually want? If you are unsure, I would go completely within and adjust self concept to be the person who has the ideal relationship.  Someone who receives texts that are loving and someone who is respected.

Have a beautiful day xxoo


Veronica Isles -

3/10/2023 4:06 pm  #4

Re: SP is attracted but pushes back himself?

Hello Veronica and lexi777,
Thank you for your answer.
I am very clear what I want. We had 5year relationship and I see what worked and what did not and I am manifest the good things and then "better" ones as corrections to stuff that did not work. At least I am trying! I imagine daily things, often have visions but I am thrown back by doubt when yeah...he texts he has a girlfriend now yet cries and is sad about us; he wants to be friends yet then lies and goes being our agreements, stuff like that. I get disappointed, angry and often disgusted by his bad behavior knowing him so many years and knowing he is a better person. So yeah, I judge och not accept being now less moral etc. But I almost always manifest, text or a call or something it is just weirdly hurtful stuff he says... And because I want us to be loving long lasting happy rock team connection i find it weird and doubting when this happens. I see us with rings, and children and daily life stuff...and this imagine is crushed if in the current reality I get a text from him he spends a weekend with his loving new girlfriend. How to deal with this?

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3/12/2023 2:01 pm  #5

Re: SP is attracted but pushes back himself?

I would try to find a way to manifest your perfect relationship from the basis of self concept.  This includes him without the resistance.  You can't keep reacting to the current circumstances and remain loyal to the self concept you want.  This is why I would actually cut off communication until he can give you what you want.  A high value person would do this, and this is the kind of person who has the ring and a successful family life.

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