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11/18/2022 4:53 pm  #1

Question about everyone is you pushed out

Everyone is you pushed out

Hello everyone, I need to clarify some things about this state. If I see everyone indifferent towards me, that means that I don't pay attention to myself, I don't value myself or that I believe that everyone is like that? If I love myself I will feel other people's love towards me, right? BUT... If I love myself and I believe that I deserve love and I also believe that men are s@it, what happens?

In other words, changing my perception of myself is enough or I have to change my perception of others too?



1/04/2023 11:02 am  #2

Re: Question about everyone is you pushed out

I am pretty new to the Law of Attraction, but I believe all you have to do is change YOUR perception. How you see yourself shapes your reality.


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