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11/25/2021 3:43 pm  #1

Black magic & protection

Black magic is against will controlling anyone's mind and getting things done. We send love , light and communicate in meditation. This is divine way.

Black magic involves low vibes, jealousy, envy, worst intentions of harming other etc.

As we communicate with gods, angels black magic uses negative entity that gives us bad thoughts. That controls our minds against our will.

Person who's not meditating, weak aura, low vibe is likely to get this.

We are aware of thoughts, filtering bad thoughts and choosing only good thought as our reality. So this won't happen to us. Still some times we sense negativity, mood low, we get lost in 3 D world not meditating and being alert of knowledge.

These are psychic attacks, negativity sent to you purposefully or as everything is energy you sense negativity of a person or place.

In such cases, manifestation can't come in our reality. Mind of specific person is being controlled against his will. There are other evil practices where they tie soul of an individual, give negative vibes etc.

Being in love and light is v important. Always stay psychic protected. Universal laws, LOA works hence such people manifest others cruel desire, dance on their toes, get trapped in negativity and if get emotional about then also manifest negative life.

Sending reiki, divine unconditional love to such person , using religious hymns is way to get out of this. It takes time but it works in the end.

Sop, after manifesting your specific person too .. Evil eye people exists.

1. Stay protected
2. Meditation for self love
3. Meditation for daily energy clearance.
4. Regular new and full moon rituals
5. Keep manifesting next goal by our way. It's knowledge of life not just for specific person.

Love and light

Thanks & Love  ​
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10/01/2022 3:26 pm  #2

Re: Black magic & protection

Thank you. I first learned about the need for psychic protection from the psychic John Edward. I was aware of it, but didn't consciously realize I need it. The psychic Edgar Cayce also talked about it.


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