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Neville Goddard » Wondering how it will come to pass » 7/26/2019 3:06 am

Thank you for replying. Trust me, I did let go. I have. But I could not forget the HOW part because things seemed way too away from my manifestation. I did ignore the reality for months, got busy with many other things, and stayed faithful to my imagination, but how things were, it undeniably seemed like it would years to change. And I am talking about continents, and long distance relationships. I know nothing is impossible to the universe, and things can change in an instant, but the question kept popping in my mind. So I have been doing this powerful thing recently. I am revising the past, all the memories, changing all the things which happened and which make me feel like it will take a very long time and that it is very hard to get to the fruition point of my manifestation, and all that. Let's be honest, nobody wants it to take years. Especially, when it is concerning a person you hold dearest. Bit by bit, I am changing all those unwanted memories, and it really is helping me feel a lot better and I am no longer stuck on the how. It does not feel like it is going to take a lot. It feels like it has happened and it is here now. I have stronger focus on what I want. I believe this was a part of the bridge of incidents. The bridge does not have to be only about the events of the physical world. It also has to deal with the inner state. It has to rid us of any blocks we keep within us, not just the external things. That is all. Let me know what you think.  

Neville Goddard » Wondering how it will come to pass » 6/25/2019 10:56 pm

Hello, everyone. I have a question for those who have manifested their SP back the Neville way. First and foremost, let me make this clear so you understand my mental state clearly. I am not coming from a place of lack. I feel good almost all the time and I am sure I am doing most things right. Now, I have created my assumptions, done my imaginal acts, and assumed the feeling of wish fulfilled. However, sometimes I just cannot help but wonder how it will come to pass. I am not obsessing about it, it just naturally happens sometimes. So I end up checking my social media DMs and emails, just sometimes. When I do this, I do it knowing that it is all done. Just cannot stop myself from wondering at times. Is it normal? Please reply and share anything from your experience and manifesting knowledge. Thank you! 

Neville Goddard » Cross Manifestation » 5/30/2019 10:31 am

fizzy wrote:

You are the only creator in your reality. So if you imagine for someone else and believe, you WILL create ‘for them’ because ‘everyone else’ is just you. If you have another person imagine something for you, they aren’t creating for you, because they don’t create in your reality. If they imagine something for you and it manifests, it’s YOU who manifested it, not them. Realities don’t ever ‘cross’. You ONLY ever experience your own reality where absolutely everything is your own creation and no one else’s.

Thank you so much for your insightful answer! You understood my question perfectly! My confusion is gone! :D

Neville Goddard » Cross Manifestation » 5/25/2019 12:06 pm

Hello! I am back with a confusing question and I hope some Neville students will understand and answer. We know that we are the God in our universes. So what we imagine for others, will happen to them. I think there are some people out there who are doing cross-manifesting which is asking others to imagine for them, and in return they imagine for the others all because they are full of resistance when it comes to the thing they want to manifest or change. So if I ask someone to imagine something for me, it will manifest in just their own universe, right? Because we are sovereign in our own reality and everything that happens in our reality is ONLY AND ONLY our own manifestation? Hence the quantum theory of infinite universes? So if I am resistant or negative about the desired result, I am not going to manifest it in my universe even if someone else imagines it for me? Does it make sense? I know it is super confusing and I hate myself for obsessing deeply about manifestation. I am new to this whole thing. Please tell me if cross-manifestation is actually a thing and if it works or not. Thank you so much! 

Neville Goddard » Past revision » 5/14/2019 10:40 am

Hello. I have a crazy question regarding past revision. I have been applying Neville's teachings and I have enough faith in it to believe that I am God in my world. I have manifested some noteworthy things, even my preferred weather in a place which was supposed to be blazing by this time of the year. I really do not know any limits to this. Before I ask a question, I am going to share something. My best friend's late brother died at a very young age. And I always had a knowing that he was going to leave us early. Back then, I did not know the power of the mind. Otherwise, I would have believed in something different and positive. Taking parallel realities into consideration, I believe he is dead because I knew it was going to happen and I believed it to be true. And that's exactly what I got. Of course I do not beat myself up about it now. But I really do wonder sometimes, if I revise the past somehow, what could be the possible outcome of it? I hope you are getting what I mean by this. I know it is crazy. I would like to receive answers from people who seriously practice Neville's teachings. Thank you. 

Ex/Specific Person Discussion » Having two versions of the specific person at the same time » 3/28/2019 11:48 am

I have been practicing this technique. Thank you. It does help.

excalibar wrote:

When I have a bad memory I revise it so the end is how I would like it to be. It’s a good way of letting go of the pain just fyi. Imaging at night is good too.


Ex/Specific Person Discussion » Having two versions of the specific person at the same time » 3/28/2019 11:46 am

Makes sense! You understood my question and solved my confusion! THANK YOU! <3 

fizzy wrote:

tanmayshekhawat wrote:

Thanks a lot for answering! I will change my thoughts about her. I would like you to ask you one more question. Am I supposed to manifest good events with my specific person along the way towards my desired end?   

You’re welcome. I’m not sure what you mean exactly, but if you mean should you manifest smaller things with her (a text, date, etc) before what you really want with her (a relationship), that’s purely up to you. If you dwell in your desired end, then all of the smaller things will take care of themselves. Because think about it — if she is your girlfriend, then obviously the two of you would be in contact regularly, she would be ‘liking’ your content on social media, etc. So that’s what I would recommend — go for the desired end. BUT, if you feel that it’s somehow easier for you to manifest small things before the full desired end, it’s ok to do it that way, too.


Ex/Specific Person Discussion » Having two versions of the specific person at the same time » 3/28/2019 10:56 am

Thanks a lot for answering! I will change my thoughts about her. I would like you to ask you one more question. Am I supposed to manifest good events with my specific person along the way towards my desired end?  

fizzy wrote:

Yes, this can certainly ‘block’ what you want to manifest. It’ll help to understand that she only conforms to what YOU believe to be true about her. If she has been cold to you in the past, it’s because you created her that way. And if she’s loving, you are creating her to be that way, as well. Knowing this, you can deliberately create her to be loving to you. Forget about the other version of her. It’s irrelevant to what you want to manifest. There’s no reason to hold on to that image of her.


Ex/Specific Person Discussion » Having two versions of the specific person at the same time » 3/26/2019 12:34 am

Hello, everyone!

I have something very important to ask. I don't know if it blocks my manifestation or not, but it surely acts as a speed-breaker at times when I am thinking positive and focusing on what I want. So, here it goes. When I think of my specific person, I can think of two versions of her. The version on which I focus more is the loving version of her who is warm to me. And then the other version of her is the cold version who does not treat me with priority, does not like my posts on social media, etc, etc. Obviously, I focus as less as possible on the latter. But I do wonder, do I have to get rid of this mental image of her that I have since I am supposed to "live in the end" and I gotta align everything inside my heart and head with the end? Of course I want to get rid of it! Could you guys tell me if it is actually blocking my manifestation, and also, how on earth do I delete this unwanted image of her? 

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