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Calling all success stories! 🎉👏🏼 » Unbelievable & Unexpected Success ~ » 11/09/2020 1:18 pm

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Bernaditta wrote:

I just want to post a message of hope for someone it could help. I was manifesting a call from my sp for some reason and it has come true. So believe and just manifest.

Veronica's video I listen to whenever I get stressed or depressed or whenever I feel like missing my sp. Her positive thoughts and the way she delivers it really release the stress and brings lots of confidence. I'm experiencing it. Just be positive, self love is working out....

Hope to text here again with my success story of a bigger manifestation in my relationship with my sp very soon.

Wishing u all happiness and joy.


No Contact » Thought transmission ? You feel tempted? » 10/23/2020 12:00 pm

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In my case, we are going through many stages - my mental stages of progress
I realised, saw - His feelings, support for me in various incidences. (After reconnecting.. am speaking all this)
Then I felt and understood - Yes, I am his 1st best. He will call me & say what I wanted- I trust him. 
He does so much, still why don't I believe on this?

Then today 5th day ;) I am happy, without texting him. Busy with work, positive. Repelling negative thoughts 
strongly. That tried to make me low vibe or spoil home atmosphere. Then after this happened - Repelling bad thoughts - I calmed and saw 1 of my friend texted his native place saying she was there... ! I said, OMG! I am aligned , congrats to myself, i did this !!! I then felt temptation, to tell him. But I am still -- controlled. 

Is this is thought transmission?
Who else than him, will try to tempt me to call him? Take initiative?
Anyone experienced same? Do share your experiences too... and what you did to succeed?

Aim is break this repetitive cycle and I KNOW
ONCE only I have to do this 
Then all is set, I am the 1st best 

What I am doing is kinda like filtering bad thoughts..
write on paper , OK- i thought of doing this
Say to myself, ok. I wont do it now, I wont react now..let's see...... will do it later if i feel...

And for filtering bad thoughts,
I write and burn that paper. 

I congratulate myself for evening time extreme well handled situation. With breathing, just not reacting, 
being aware of my energy and said - i wont give my energy to anything else. NO- I wont talk, won't react. 
Thanks to all gods for this. And as I was being calm, instantly saw his native place name---- 
I said, " yey, back to alignment. "

If he's forcing me, and If I can hold myself -- He will call up and this cycle will break finally !!
wish me good luck all Thanks in advance

happy manifesting all

Flying High 🚀💜💫 » No contact rule - made very easy » 10/01/2020 5:36 am

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I genuinely didn't communicated 2-3 days. That time, while browsing email, I surprisingly found a video , I tried to find few months back as I knew that has huge power to align us. That was our love video , I made with lovely music and our photos before our separation. Music has those vibes that it kicks, the way photos hover  , it kicks.... ;)
I shared later 1of that photo with him, and it kicked him too ;)

 am now feeling like am with him, bubbling, smiling.. inner talk with me is smiling remembering cute things and him.. tingling tingling inside , smiles unfitting in cheeks ;) 

For those who have little contact with SP , but seeking why next step not happening

this video by abraham hicks, i listened y'day and I was also seeking, why is he not tellign me about wedding. what's going on etc...... and this video made me calm. 

Tips for all is :
1. Don't force yourself as it's no contact. whenever you feel you can reach him, feed this to mind. then you remain happy. whenver I forced myself in past, no contact- i missed him so much , and tempted to call him. That mad ehim secure, that she's behind me. Now, he loves me- our relationship is harmoneous, and he seeks out for me when i am not in communication. Cz i dont pressure him with tension, fear, questions. I have so many things to talk, laugh and have fun with myself and share with him too. 

2. Even when you have relationship, take a small break... it really gives him chance to miss you. I know, i learnt this before and wasn't able to remain happy without communicating with him.
( not jst my happiness, parents used to do something , so i had to rush to him ... I took myself out from that victim position. I read lovely family-atmosphere books made me in that stage of loving family. Now, it's easy to live without communicating him for sometime. so i genuinely do it sometimes...... don't initiate communication, don't ping him. now as i manifested

Calling all success stories! 🎉👏🏼 » Unbelievable & Unexpected Success ~ » 9/26/2020 1:05 am

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in Dec 2019, I saw new person came on rent in next building. His windows and my big French window is infront of each other. He was not a gentleman, was looking in my room.. we had to issue warning via flat owner & they agreed to shut 1 of the window. 
He had 3 yrs contract & this morning, am seeing he is moving out !!!! in 10 months !!

I just did once rubbing out technique in Dec 2019. Later, as they agreed to shut the door, I switched to my own business. There was much entertaining stuff where lockdown began in March 2020, Death Of my Grandfa, And in the same period my meditations started giving me miraculous success stories, i started 3 websites out of hobby & turning into my spiritual path !! I focused on manifesting money, as was already in contact with my SP so, post wedding planning switched me to manifest money. I manifested my annual income as my monthly income , in 1 project itself! I am a freelancer, ongoing projects keep going on ! My family atmosphere was chaotic but since last 2 months it's blissful without me doing anything for that. I got big work, so was busy ! Last 2 days, I felt free like few yrs bfr i met him 1st time - home atmosphere..

Listen 2 min Neville's own voice by pasting link above in your browser. From Nevillution channel, not mine.. This is True!! just 2 min, how to live life. 

Outside Bluffing World:
****** Whenever i turned outside to discuss issues, i couldn't find right person. I got people doing spiritual business making money, asking me we will spell and you pay few thousand rupees, 1 TF channel on YouTube where lady said, let's make this 15 min free consultation benefit- I said, I am not consulting you, I had a Q, i think you are not that one, but my god will answer me from correct sources. 
>>Yes, I attracted those kind of people, when i became seeker of advices which is wrong. so, meditation makes your mind stable and stop you being needy. Self love makes you believ

Scripting 📝 » I received the text! » 9/26/2020 12:49 am

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this morning, while getting up.. he texted me in dream .. crying .. sorry, missing you...

Immediate Alignment Stickies 💖 » Exercise to Manifest His call » 9/24/2020 7:55 am

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You can use it for anything. Let's discuss his call. 
1. write on paper with pen, areas in your life you struggle. You want to manifest something in that. eg. His call. 
    Write : He is calling me regularly. 
2. write what you feel about. you may write 2 words/ 2 pages. then read again. You will be able to find what are your present beliefs about this manifestation. eg. it can be he dont want to call me. this is hidden deep, doesn't come to our surface easily and this is to be removed
3. Now, write beliefs you should believe to manifest his call. eg. He loves me, He want to talk to me etc... 
4. Words you write, are your vibrations ! So, keep reading new beliefs constantly. Make their affirmations . visualize those , whatever personal technique works for you. 
5. I got this in my meditation, while doing this- I realised few blocks and was surprised these were minute things stopping me from being in receiving mode. ( eg. it can be anything- need / anything even i love calling him so I call awlays and we keep talking .... ! then why can not you belief that he loves talking to you so he will call you !!! )

This definitely releases lots of resistances within us & once we develop feelings oF having it Now , IT BECOMES OUR REALITY. I am very calm by this technique, enjoyed watching Tangled movie just now No missing him, no emotional blackmailing to myself that he must be missing me & i must call !!
It's easy for him to reach out to me anytime, so all is set ! So , am relaxed. It helped me.. If you try, do share your success ! Good Luck !

Calling all success stories! 🎉👏🏼 » Manifesting Money ;) » 9/02/2020 2:13 am

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Hi All 
Lots of Love & Joy !

See Basically my life turned upside down cz of my love affair & then LOA and all came to me. After significant progress in my love story, I decided to manifest money. All my journey of this, teaching are on this forum. So, you can understand v imp point here 
I was NEVER in NEED of MONEY , I Wasn't ever under pressure to Earn this much. 

​I started reading Bob Proctors eBook & I loved that. Cz they had lovely thoughts, I never thought of those! I said, yeah! it's true! It's lovely ! I have not yet finished half, I read when I have lovely peaceful time, No hard & Fast strict schedule 
See my achievements:

1. I got offer which is not on internet now for 3-in-1 savings & trading account. 
2. Lots of such offers are now coming in inbox. 
3. I am connecting with people who are interested in money & who love money. Not needy.
4. I started my 3 new websites, cz i was simply enjoying web designing. And those turned into business!
5. I got 1 contract which will be for long duration & really more than my annual income ! :-O 

Please note
All these are totally unplanned by me consciously
I simply spent my time in self love, meditation, doing things I love.
Cz I am here manifesting My Love. So, wana be positive. Tat's how things happened!

Now I am thinking, earning money is so easy & joyful. Just keep doing what you love.


Flying High 🚀💜💫 » New Strategy to Get His Call » 8/24/2020 12:52 am

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Actually I am reading money manifestation but applying those to SP and call issue. How to not think negative, why he is not calling, when will he call, all is ok why is he not confirming officially ?Hmm.. I am doing these, felt better so thought sharing.....  say to yourself following + add your emotions spontaneously what comes , this will replace inner conversation. You get what you are 
Omg, he called me! I did this  Success time! It was ME keeping him away , not HIM wasn't calling. cz I was thinking, why is he not calling, what should i do? But now, he is callling me so many times than before  I love RECEIVING his calls, I love when he pampers me , i love when he ( xyz , add yours what was there in between both of you ) - keep feeling.. Now i am feeling much stronger than bfr cz now he is calling me  I can do all my own , meditations, cartoons, talk with others without tensions and arguments and running behind him  all is balanced and now he has more desire about me  waaaaaw ! this never happened before ! 

(what you feeling as he's now calling you - keep feeling ( this is neville's live in the end )
feel good about it, don't worry about cz u already HAVE THIS 
Fool your subconscious by feeling before - subconscious mind can't differentiate 
add all good feelings about his call, your communication Thanks & Love  [img]

Calling all success stories! 🎉👏🏼 » Huge crying - what to say ! » 8/22/2020 9:41 am

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I am noting my magnificent progress ! Now what has started happening is the moment i think of him , he is reading our messages exact same time It takes time cz energy clearance within you - Its very easy actually but we dont let our mind do this. 
Why cant we jst sit , tell our mind we are in a movie .. close your eyes & remember your lovely conversation. That you had with him in past. You get the same feelings. Feeling is the secret. & it works ! 


Calling all success stories! 🎉👏🏼 » Huge crying - what to say ! » 8/20/2020 9:45 am

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I was texting him about managing good contacts, having fun in life. Post wedding. 
I am an Indian and I was also under pressure a little - about managing relatives, cz am working from home pre wedding, that means now. 

And -- 
while texting i just burst into cry. Long back in 2016, i made my WILL. I was separated from him, i knew we love each other. And i had no contact with him. That was the phase my god kept me alive. I told god, I will live till my birds alive. and I wasn't even earning much that time. I wont marry anyone else than him. So 1 day, I will die. Happily. I will live my life the way I WANt. I will enjoy every moment in my life. I wont go to any person to get advice. all were saying, you will get better than him- I said, i dont want anyone better. 

And That made me fearless. I never thought about time, future. I turned inside. Meditated, Veronica's videos came in my Life. Today, I am not only changed in looks, behaviour, we are in contact ! I turned into the psychic I share my tarots with him now! And I am earning much better than 2016 today. While texting him, i just realized -- OMG ! Where was I !!! and i burst into cry !

ooooooooooooooooooooooo h !  And where I am today !!
I even didnt remember this pain This is the state my Neville calls this as... !
I wish all of you great success with your love, Please live in the End. See, where was I & where have I reached.
totally unknowingly  

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