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Law of Attraction Discussion » 150 Reasons for Me to Smile. What are Your Reasons? » 4/05/2021 9:13 am

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What are your reasons to smile? Can you make your own list up? Trust me it's such a positive thing to do, and the longer you write, the more reasons will come to you.
Reasons can be big or small, mean a lot or a little to you, but if it makes you smile then it's all good!
Just think of the positive momentum you will have going on when writing them out. The smiles on your face, and the positive vibes you will emit. Those positive vibes are worth their weight in gold. 
So get thinking and get smiling and why not give it a go yourself?
Here's the link to 150 personal reasons for me to smile. Use them as ideas, or as journal prompts. or just read them and smile. 
Happy days
Much love for now 
Eve xx

Law of Attraction Discussion » Be proud of yourself - Journal prompts and Positive powerful qualities » 4/01/2021 3:04 pm

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Hey there everyone.
I trust you're all doing well. I seem to be spending more and more of my days out with my dog. but I'm loving a good walk twice a day.
It's so refreshing and lovely connecting with nature. 
Anyway, I have another couple of posts. The first is a shortish blurb and the second is much longer but hopefully interesting and useful to you. 
Enjoy all
Eve xx

Law of Attraction Discussion » 6 new posts for you all to enjoy. Law of Attraction Positivity at work » 3/28/2021 4:53 pm

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Hey everyone. 
I hope that you have all had a lovely weekend.
I've had a good one. My laptop has been running so slowly lately as the battery was dying slowly. Plus it was clogged up.
This was causing me some issues with the timing of my posts.

However my laptop now boasts a brand new battery, and thank you to my dad, is now cleared of all the rubbish on here. Honestly, it feels like a new computer which is a good job really as I have loads to write yet. 

Anyway, I thought I would pop in and share the links to my latest few posts. I've been able to do the writing side but not the sharing so easily. I really hope that you enjoy them.
Much love as always Eve xx

Also is there anyone out there that fancy having a go at writing a guest post for us? We love to receive and publish them and of course, credit always goes to you, so if you have your own site, you can link to it. Just let me know if you are interested

Law of Attraction Discussion » Law of Attraction Alignment - Positivity Daily Blurb » 3/19/2021 10:59 am

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What is alignment and what is law of attraction alignment?
Alignment is described as the process of coming together in a straight or parallel line.

When talking about the law of attraction, in particular, the word alignment is used a lot. Mainly, when you are in law of attraction alignment, it means you are at one, aligned with your inner being.

One thing that each and every one of us has in common is that we all have our own inner being.

Some may describe your inner being as your higher self, your inner self, or maybe your soul. Whatever you choose to call it though, there is no getting away from the fact we all have one.

And this inner being does an amazing job.

Roles of your inner being
Educator - They are wisdom. Your inner being knows all you need to know. Even when you don’t realise it.

Your true identity - This is the other you. The real you and the one that has the law of attraction working for them at the click of a finger basically.

Inner beings are our life forces. Our lifestreams or if you prefer it, our souls.
When we came into this world our souls came with us. They took on a human form to be able to live in this world as we know it.  And although we obviously start out times on this planet by being born as a newborn, our souls carry all that we have learned over many many previous lifetimes.

Your desire catcher - Your inner being knows you to a tee, and exactly what you are asking for in life.
The inner being sees the best in everything and everyone, all of the time. Being in alignment with your inner being is simply amazing. If you would like to read more about being in alignment then you can read the rest right here

Thank you to each and every one of you that reads my posts. It makes

Law of Attraction Discussion » 15 Ways to Spread Joy and Happiness – The Law of Attraction Way. » 3/19/2021 10:54 am

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Thank you so much. Feedback like this simply makes writing even more worthwhile

Law of Attraction Discussion » Abraham Hicks 17 Seconds Manifesting Rampage » 3/18/2021 12:14 pm

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Today I want to do a rampage about the Abraham Hicks 17 seconds.

I am going to start my creative workshop with a quote from one of my favourite books ever. Money and the law of attraction by Esther Hicks.

If you have never heard of Abraham then you can read about Esther/Abraham and who they are here. 
For more on the 17 seconds law of attraction click here.

“So, whatever you think causes you to offer a signal now, which is your point of attraction. And when you offer a point of attraction for as little as 17 seconds, the law of attraction kicks in. In other words that’s the combustion point where another thought that matches it joins in. Hold that thought for another 17 seconds and there’s another combustion”.“Do that until you have achieved a vibrational alignment with any thought for as little as 68 seconds and things begin to move enough that a discerning eye can see the manifestation has begun”.

My Own 17 Seconds Have Gone By

Wow, I love this quote. And the best things, as I typed it up I was absorbing every single word, and it took thought. Focussing my thought on the positive words I was writing, meant I was holding positive thoughts for at least 17 seconds. 
How long are 17 seconds?
Let’s count it out 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10,11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17…

That is such a short time to hold onto positive thoughts. I love the fact that once you hit that 17 seconds mark more positive thoughts come to join in. When I write my blurbs each day, I am letting the positive words simply flow through m

Law of Attraction Discussion » 15 Ways to Spread Joy and Happiness – The Law of Attraction Way. » 3/15/2021 9:45 am

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Spreading happiness and joy is simple! It's easy to do, takes just a few moments of your life, and the best is that it's free. When you get spreading, you start emitting beautiful vibes. Other people pick up on your vibes and so does the law of attraction and the universe.Like attracts like. When you are spreading the love, you'll find others doing the same back. More love, joy and happiness.Why else spread happiness and joy?Because:

  • It's good to share. If you are feeling it then why not share it with others?
  • It creates a nice positive atmosphere
  • It's good to help others
  • There is not much better than seeing someone's face light up
  • It makes you feel good, boosting your own mood and self-love.

Read 15 ways that you can spread joy and happiness, and the best thing is they cost little to nothing.
So what have you got to lose? Nothing!
What have you got to gain? Everything!

Law of Attraction Discussion » Law of Attraction Gratitude List Example. Daily Positivity Blurb » 3/11/2021 6:15 am

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Sunday 7th March

Good morning all.

I am thinking a bit of law of attraction gratitude is on the cards today. 

Today, I feel good. In fact, I don’t feel good, I feel wonderful. So, I think some gratitudes are in order for the start of my weekend…
Plus giving my reasons why I am thankful just to get my feelings flowing nicely and the positive momentum going.
Today I am feeling thankful for: 
1.   The beautiful blue sky outside and a big yellow ball in the sky. This is a lovely sight and instantly lifts not just mine, but other people’s spirits. It helps put a smile on people’s faces. This gives me a buzz.
Thank you! 
2.  My garden looks even better than last time to sit out in. This I am so thankful for, that the work is getting done. Sitting out in the fresh air is one of my favourite things to do, and my nice garden is perfect. It is so relaxing and peaceful.
Thank you!
3.    My friends, both in the block I live in, and all the others that keep in touch regularly. It’s thanks to things like social media that I have carried on with many friendships that have survived over 40 years. I know that I can talk to any one of them instantly, and this gives me a lovelyloving feeling.
Thank you!
4.    My besties who I can go years without seeing as none live near to me. Nothing ever changes there though. Our friendships don’t even skip a beat. They mean so much to me, and I love that we all have unconditional love. Knowing our friendships are this solid gives me that warm fuzzy feeling again and a secure feeling. I have simply the best friends.
Thank you!
5.  Nissan. Yes I know it’s a strange one but, this morning I had a letter come through for a recall on Nissans. I guess my old gal of a car was one that needed it. This means I get someone round to mine, to f

Law of Attraction Discussion » My Desire Statement Example: Daily Positivity Blurbs » 3/06/2021 11:50 am

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Hey everyone. Hope all is well? So I missed a day, so I am catching up. My last Daily Positivity blurb from Thursday. 

Thursday 4th March
I thought that this evening I would share a desire statement example with you all.
As I am writing I am not writing in the future tense, but the present.

My desires are there to allow in and for now, to help with this allowing, I am pretty much simply pretending.
As you will see for every question, I have answered with a desire statement example. A powerful way to journal.
I can do this regularly as desires are always changing and evolving as my life evolves. You don't have to stop at the end. If you want to write more then do so, just keep in mind the question, writing in the present tense and keeping your statement positive.

If you find you have written something that is negative. Have a rethink and reword and write a fresh one out. Simply cross out the old statement and give them no more thought.

So here goes...

What is currently one of my biggest desires regarding money? 

I continue to have a regular supply of money coming in, and as there is an abundance of money in the world, there is always plenty for me. I love money and having plenty to spend out on whatever I choose.

I have respect for money. It's such a calm and wonderful feeling knowing that I will have an endless supply of money for as long as I am still in this physical body' Why? Well, who wouldn't want a regular supply? This supply means I always have plenty, and never have to think about what I spend. I can spend money on myself, my dog, my home, family and friends.

What feelings will it bring?  
Read the rest of the post...">

Law of Attraction Discussion » Busy Having fun - Daily Positivity Blurbs » 3/03/2021 4:27 pm

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Wednesday 3rd MarchMood - Fun loving, and happyToday I choose to get busy having fun. Fun... Yes, life is fun. Always fun...I love to do things that are fun and things that make me smile or laugh. Things that get my happy feelings flowing nicely. Fun this morning when I woke to my doggie stretching next to me, and the cuddles that followed. Fun making notes for my next blog post (3,6,9 … watch this space)Fun fun funDoing a fun rampage is good fun.What else is fun today? Walking in the park with my doggie. People laughing and having fun. A runner whose dog was galloping away next to him, a big smile on both their faces. Fun! Everyone has fun. Life’s for nothing less. Life is for enjoying and so fun is at the top of my agenda.
I wasn’t the only one busy having fun. Fun when I saw my little doggie chasing a squirrel up a tree, and when the little robin that lives in that part of the park came hopping out to greet me. The smile on Massive’s face when he came running back when I called him. Having a whale of a time! Then there were lovely cuddles from another dog. Jenson dog I call him. A beautiful old old soul, who plods around the park, as happy as anything with his owner. He always spots me and comes over for big cuddles and lots of fuss. (The dog, not the owner that is). It could be that he thinks he is also getting a sneaky little treat from me, even though his owner knows full well, I was so happy to see him today. And that he knows me too, More fun… What else? Laughing at some great posts on Facebook today, and joining in with some of them, and catching up on a bit of Sarah Millican (no

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