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All Challenges Here! 💪🏼🌈 » The 7 Days Feeling Better Challenge » 4/20/2017 7:55 am

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Wow I love this so so so much as This is what  I've begun to do in the past few days already and it is 100% benefical. I've stopped focusing on my love and relationship and have focused upon how much I love myself and my friends and things that are EASY to feel good about, and though I'm not thinking of my relationship with my love, it's already began to improve now that I'm not focused upon It and letting the universe do its work as I feel amazing and raise my vibration. It's so true, as Abraham says. You can find the smallest thing that makes you feel good, focus on that and that's all the work you need to do in order to allow EVERYTHING you desire. Thank you for this challenge, i think this is so great! Im more often in the blue and as I've gotten off the relationship topic, i find myself much more often in purple now!

Also, when you stop focusing upon your ex altogether, you release all resistance upon that subject and allow the universe to do its work, and as long as you feel good, it will manifest

Flying High 🚀💜💫 » Self love » 4/18/2017 9:09 pm

I've always known of self love, but today, I decided that I know I must make a change and that my happiness is so much more important than this person I wish to desire. Sanshi,if you read this, thank you very much for your replies to my posts for making me realize where I had to adjust. I've always known I should, and I never didn't love myself, And didn't think bad thoughts of myself, but TRUE self love. To be really in love with yourself. Wow. It's only been a day of me really making it my #1 priority to be happy and not focus so much on my desires and I have seen such a huge vibrational change. The people around me. I'm always in the right place at the right time. I came across 3 old friends today. I manifested a bunch of things I had been desiring lately, all suddenly. My relationship is on it's way. I feel it, and the good feeling is always the first manifestation. Truly truly truly as Sanshi has said, LOVE YOURSELVES! Look at this day. Look at you. Spread love everywhere. You really have to FEEL IT. Wonderful and magically things begin to happen when you do and focusing upon your happiness more than your desire is not at all getting "rid" of it. When you're happy and in alignment, you begin to vibrate with your desire and it must manifest . MUST. Love yourselves. There is no need to worry. The universe has got you and knows what you want! Trust it! Last but not least, love for yourself is unconditional love for the world! If you can master inner love and happiness, you can master anything!

Law of Attraction Discussion » Sorry... not sorry? » 4/18/2017 8:59 pm

Of course there's nothing wrong with that AT ALL. The universe doesn't see what is "ethical or moral" those rules don't come into play with the universe. It simply gives you what it is you focus upon. Simple as that. It's okay to think that! Just don't think about their relationship too much, because if so, you're going to attract more of them being together because that's what it is youre focusing upon. Instead just focus on the relationship you desire with him and don't even worry about this third person. They're irevelent to what you wish to attract anyway. Incase you've never heard of it, i recommend the "wiping out thechnique" to get rid of this third person. It's very beneficial. You can find the video on YouTube it is by Agnes. Lots of love to you! You can have, be or do anything lovely

Calling all success stories! 🎉👏🏼 » A sign??!! » 4/18/2017 6:38 pm

yes-rise wrote:

You have best advice ever!! You have inspired me to stay strong even in my weak moments!! I will keep strong and know that my love and I will be back together soon!  My weakness is thinking about the past. And I must say that you are absolutely correct that it is necessary to let go of the past and to put forth my positive energy in the now/ moment! Thank you so much!!

Aw, thank you very much! You are too kind! You two will, guaranteed! I know you can do it, the universe knows you can do it! Just catch yourself and think of a better feeling and positive  thought when  you find yourself thinking of the past, eventually you won't think about it anymore! It takes some practice but you will get there! Your only power ever is NOW so feel good now . You know what to do and you've 100% got this. You're so welcome, I hope you have an amazing day!!

LOA Questions and Teachings 🙋 » Getting off the subject » 4/18/2017 8:00 am

Sanshi wrote:

Thelawoflove wrote:

That's what I like to call him, I feel like saying ex is reinforcing what I do not desire for him to be haha..

By feeling the need to explain things to other people, you still activate the vibration of him being your ex, because that's still where your focus is.

Thelawoflove wrote:

I've noticed that's though I've fixed my vibration, and am 98% of the time content, since the day, I have been thinking of him nonstop and I know that I've got momentum of it since I have been thinking of him for a while..

Are you talking about your vibration about him or in general? If you had fixed your vibration about him, he would already be back. That he isn't means that you hold resistance and as long as this is the case, your thoughts about him keep you from getting him. As you said, you have momentum going on and it will take time to slow it down. You have control over your focus. Shift your thoughts every time you catch yourself thinking about him. That is uncomfortable in the beginning. It's much easier to let the momentum play out, but it isn't serving you. There aren't really much tips that I can give you. It's like working out. In the beginning, it just sucks. But when you finally have some muscles, it gets easier and easier. Mediate, take a nap, focus on other things, distract yourself.

Thelawoflove wrote:

I just know that I must let go in order for it to manifest.

I don't know what your definition of letting go is, but I know one thing: Doing something in order to manifest something doesn't work so well. The problem here is that when you really really want something, you are very aware of its absence. You don't really really want what you have, because the desire is satisfied, if that makes sense. So, by really really wanting it and really really wanting to manifest it, you are (in Abraham terminology) caught in step 1. You are focused on the absence end of the stick. The tricky thing about LoA is that the "I will

Help me align please... 🙈 » Can someone help me with my resistance? » 4/17/2017 8:32 pm

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Staceylouuu91x wrote:

Okay, this is getting a little out of hand now. I don't think they were actually calling you insane, it's obviously not the definition of insanity but the general point was if you do the same thing over and over and expecting change isn't a beneficial habit.  

The no contact rule is usually in place so people don't blow up their person's phone with messages and calls, this is something I'm super guilty of myself but from experience it never got me any closer to my ex. There was nothing wrong with that text you sent but from now on you should restart no contact and stick to it. 

I'm really sorry that you're struggling, as someone who has dealt with mental health issues for most of my life and I know how hard living with depression can be. You really need to take some time away from this situation, in your current vibration you'll only repel. It's not fun but it's how this whole thing works, you get what you put out but the silver lining here is once you're able to deal with the horrible stuff you can project all the good and love you have out and receive it back. 

Have you ever read Elizabeth Daniels book about manifesting an ex back? Also, Agnes has a book called Person of Interest, I think. I haven't read the latter but the former is really helpful. 


You are such a lovely person, this was so well written. I so agree with your statements!

Veronica's 25 Day Challenge » Veronica, it worked! It worked! It worked!!!! » 4/17/2017 8:29 pm

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anzamyu wrote:

did you do video 1-20plus?  I heard she was supposed to upload more videos but hasnt  Hopefully it sitll works for me

It works for anyone love, don't worry! You are just as capable

Help me align please... 🙈 » Can someone help me with my resistance? » 4/17/2017 8:24 pm

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And hey guys!!! Please let's remember that it is us, not our circumstances that create our happiness. Spread love . Anything is possible. Anyone can do anything. If it takes some time, it takes some time. Knowledge knows no limits. All is well. There are so many lovely and positive things in this world to focus upon. No one is horrible, everyone is lovely. Every décision we make is driven by the desire to be happy, and that is true for everyone. We all just want to be happy.

Help me align please... 🙈 » Can someone help me with my resistance? » 4/17/2017 8:20 pm

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YesIWILL wrote:

Thanks TLoL, I really apprecaite that. You don't klnow how much that message means to me, thank you for making me feel welcomed and loved.

So I just sent her one last text, and I hope maybe it'll make her feel something. I won't be texting her again until she texts me:

"I feel very overwehlemed with, I guess, the lack of what we had, if that makes sense, that I can't help but try to bring it back by messaging you. I know you don't want to hear from me... And I guess I just hope with every next text, that maybe... just maybe, you'll respond and that we'd start talking again as if nothing had happened. It's my biggest desire in life, but I realize in doing so I'm just bugging you... I'll leave you alone. I'm so sorry. I just want you to be happy. Even if that means I'm not. I do hope that we'll be back to talking soon. Just... I really hope you're happy okay? That's enough for me. Love you."

I know I broke some "no contact, LoA 'don't say that' rules" with what was stated in the message, but I put my heart into it. She's seen me as selfish through her rose-colored glasses, so I hope that view will fix itself in time.  Either way I want her to be happy. I just hope she'll realize how much I mean to her before it's too late. I think that was very sweet, what I wrote to her. Anyway... I won't be mesasgin her again. She's not responding anyway, so there's no point. I've tried getting my point across. Just hope she'll come around. That's all I really want

You're very welcome! And it will fix itself. Promised. Trust the universe. Everything will be alright I promise you. Your number one priority  should be on your happiness and everything else will fall into place through the law of attraction. If you feel good, the universe MUST give you more to feel good about. Many want the manifestation first, and then they believe they can be happy. But the loa doesn't work like that. You must create the environment for your manifestation. You are so wo

Veronica's 25 Day Challenge » Veronica, it worked! It worked! It worked!!!! » 4/17/2017 8:10 pm

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I genuinely cried from joy reading this, it have me tears, that is so amazing and so beautiful and wow. I am so happy for you. That is so incredible. Congrats love!! I am always going to go back to this story to read, it is so uplifting!

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