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Money/Wealth » Manifesting Money » 4/03/2019 8:30 pm

Hi there, If you or anyone else is having trouble manifesting money there's something that really helped me.

For a long time, I was making enough to survive, I was working 2 jobs and all that money went to bills, bills, and even more bills! 

When I was younger I got myself into a lot of debt and even though I had 2 jobs I could not manifest any extra money for myself. 

Here's how I manifested paying off my debt and manifesting more money for myself. 

I started visualizing with my emotions, I visualized paying off my debt. 

I started using affirmations that worked really well, I used; 'I am financially free'.

I also used subliminal programming, this really helped realign my subconscious to raise my vibrations for having more money.  

Subliminal affirmations aren't for everyone, but they worked for me, I got them through a great program at modern day manifestations

After applying visualizations, affirmations and subliminal programming I eventually became debt free, and then I started manifesting more money.
Hope that helped! 

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