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Money/Wealth » Manifesting Money » 6/05/2020 5:30 am

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I believe in law of attraction and it’s techniques to get in life what I’m dreaming about. However, when it comes to money the law of attraction and manifesting money don’t help. I decided I would try another technique that is represented though working hard and intensively. I got some side hustle jobs besides my main one to get additional income. Indeed, money don’t rule the world, but they help you to feel better. Coming back to manifesting money and why I’m a failure case to perform this technique. Most probably, because I was brought up with the idea that money don’t bring happiness. Overall, work hard and think you deserve the best in this world and soon you will get what you want.

Self Love » Self-respect » 6/04/2020 9:35 am

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Hi all,
I'm new here. I decided to join this community, because I don't love myself completely. I can barely look myself in the mirror. I even can't make sex with my husband, because I feel he doesn't want me. I'm in a deep depression. Any suggestion?
P.S. I already went to a lot of psychologists and no one helped!

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