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All Challenges Here! πŸ’ͺ🏼🌈 » Scripting Challenge :) » 10/17/2016 12:00 am

wishing star
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So I just got off the phone with him, I thought I would never hear from him. Β He said he thought of me everyday and missed having me in his life. Β We both decided to leave the past in the past and start off fresh. Β We stayed on the phone till we where both falling asleep.Β 

Immediate Alignment Stickies πŸ’– » have you had signs? » 10/07/2016 4:57 pm

Even when Im not even thinking about looking for them there they are in my face. Someone tell me what they think of this, my mind was on something else and I walk into the room, the tv is on and theres this random show on. Never seen it before dont even know what its about, and theres a lady on the screen callling her children, a boy and a girl. So what do you think there names where?, thats right my name and my xs name. I was not even in the room for 5 seconds. Then Im on facebook and theres this post of a picture that says if hes willing to take and interest in what your into then you should take an interest on what hes into. The picture was of this guy and this girl, the guy was doing the exact thing my x does for his profession, and the girl was doing the exact thing I do as my profession.. I was like really?...It made me miss him a lot and I know Im supposed to keep my vibe up, but I could not help but feel sad because it made me think of him afcoarse, I mean what are the odds? and I see his name literally every day. Can somebody give me their opinion, is this just because my subconsciousness attracted it, or is it a sign?

Immediate Alignment Stickies πŸ’– » have you had signs? » 10/06/2016 5:25 pm

Can you guys tell me if anyone haves had a sign that was clear that lead you to an actual manifestation? Β I keep seeing these signs but I dont know if its because my manifestation is on its way and I keep delaying because Im unclear about it, or if Im just attracting them because Im thinking of it? Β 

Immediate Alignment Stickies πŸ’– » you guys please help » 10/06/2016 2:55 pm

Thank you so much for your encouraging words, I have hope things can change this forum haves helped me because I feel I can take my mask of and show the real me. Its hard to pretend like everything is ok. But I will digg deep deep down inside of me to find some courage. Than you guys for holding my hand.

Immediate Alignment Stickies πŸ’– » you guys please help » 10/05/2016 9:36 pm

Everything your saying makes perfict sence. I started learning about LOA back in june when it was my birthday, but to tell you the truth iv been struggling with severe depression for over a decade now. I somehow managed to manifest so many horrible things in my life, without even knowing that my thoughts were attracting them. I believed someone had put a curse on me wich would not surprise me. I feel completely alone and I want to believe in this so bad. The other day I cried for a very long time and felt so much better afterward. Β Would you believe if I told you that for 2 years I could not cry, seriously not one tear would come out of my face. Not because I dint want to, I physically couldn't do it. So many horrible things were goin on in my life and I believe i built up major resistance. I still listen to Abraham everyday but not alot haves changed yet. Im hoping and whiting to see that first sign to let me know Im on the right path. Thank You so much for your response

Help me align please... πŸ™ˆ » Time to give up I guess » 10/05/2016 9:21 pm

wishing star
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what if thats a good sign? does he still have your number you think?

Help me align please... πŸ™ˆ » Time to give up I guess » 10/05/2016 9:20 pm

wishing star
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what if thats a good sighn? maybe he dosnt want to talk to anyone on there? do you think he may still have your number?

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