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Flying High πŸš€πŸ’œπŸ’« » AceWay123 - Patience » 2/07/2020 2:28 pm

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Hi, Ace here.

Today, I would like to make you levitate.

Sounds weird? No.

A short positivity shall make you "Fly High" after reading this post.

In a world full of people being busy all the time, I thought I'd be the one to make you say "yes" to the desires you'd like to achieve; the bright future that awaits ahead of you.

Let's get started...

For those of you that don't like waiting or simply lack patience, I would like to say, what I always say to myself.


There is no need to know when, only thing to know is that it will.

We humans feel frustrated or almost like giving up, we choose to feel something all the time, when a desire of ours isn't coming as quickly as we want it to come. The choice of always wanting to feel something in every situation, can lead you to make a decision, and that is to complain. 

in such a world, where learning something has never been as easy as it is now, how could you possibly feel like chasing something that has the power to come to you?

The necessary steps have been taken, the requirements of your desires have been learnt and so, it will come. if you have done as much as you've could, there is nothing to do anymore, unless it needs you to do something.

Now it's time to turn nervousness in your delay, into excitement.

Let it all come togehter on it's own.

There are great gifts that life holds, for those who have patience after acknowledging they have done enough.

- Ace

LOA Questions and Teachings πŸ™‹ » Attracting Money - AceWay123 » 12/26/2019 10:10 am

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15minmanifest wrote:

Your summary is really motivating. I have just begun reading Think and Grow rich by Napoleon Hill and i am going to apply your principals alongside this book.
Thank you

Thank you and you're welcome πŸ‘ You'll definitely see results if followed correctly. Also, that book is very popular and does have a very good rating from most people who've read it, might need to get one too.

LOA Questions and Teachings πŸ™‹ » Attracting Money - AceWay123 » 11/04/2019 2:27 pm

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Hi, Ace here.

Probably after 4 years now, I'm making a new thread. My last post from all the way in 2016 has now got almost 200 replies and more than 42,000 views. It does feel good to help people sometimes, and I'm glad it helped everyone that read it.

Today, after almost 4 years, I hope to guide you once again, but this time with money. I can feel the vibes of 2016, this is exactly how I used to type haha.

Let's get started...

If you are trying to attract more money into your life, chances are, the idea to attract money came from the lack of money.

This means that you are in a state, where if money doesn't manifest right now, you'll continue to feel the lack of money, you'll continue to complain and you'll carry on living unhappy.

This creates an endless cycle, which then becomes a habit...
...a habit that makes you feel like everyone is blessed, except you.

I can promise you, everyone is blessed in many different ways.

- To attract money, you must first get yourself in a neutral state. Get your soul in a place where you acknowledge, that you may not have much money right now, but you have the full, complete power to attract more money into your life.

- Stop seeing money as a problem, and start looking at it like as if it's love. No, money can't give you the permanent inner happiness, but it can permanently improve the quality of your life. Love is the highest form of good energy. The more love you put in money and know that it has helped you in the past, the more of it will flow into your life.

- Download one picture of stacked money into your phone. Everytime you go to your gallary, you'll have a glance of that picture even if you don't open it up. What this does, is it puts you in the good energy of money, you can literally feel it. You won't see lack, you'll simply see more. This one is highly recommended. This one has worked for me, my savings looked almost the same as the picture I looked at I swear. It is almost like a vision board.

- I o

Ex/Specific Person Discussion » Specific Person - Dealing With Worries » 11/27/2018 3:03 pm

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Flower293 wrote:

Wow!!! I expected this to be a one post thread and have been spending time getting happy over success stories! I had a bit of a dip today and whilst was feeling better as my dips and lasting less and less each time they happen. I still had a few things on the mind and ended up on this  thread!!! The universe works in strange ways. Thank you Ace and everyone else who has added their advice and positive vibes!!! This has really helped.
Much love xxx
P.S will definitely sub on Instagram. Thanks

Thanks a lot and no problem at all ❀

Ex/Specific Person Discussion » Specific Person - Dealing With Worries » 11/25/2018 1:36 pm

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Wow... I have just signed in after a whole year. I am truly grateful for all the replies, and I'm happy that my post has motivated so many people. My post is based on the truth. Things do return without our knowledge. Thank you, and all of you are welcome.

I have started an Instagram page, it's called OnlyOneWay. I post customized quotes made from scratch to motivate others, with also posting some mysteries, stories, facts and a bit of searching activity. My account is to relax your mind and make you feel like your at home. Words have the power to heal us. It's truly important to have some people who understand and/or relate to.

Please do follow @0nly.0ne.way (the O's are number 0)if you are interested in having just a bit more to your day.

I hope i have changed some bits of your life in a way, and most importantly, i hope i have made you do more for your own happiness. Thank you all once again. I appreicate it all.

- Ace

Flying High πŸš€πŸ’œπŸ’« » AceWay123 - The Tree » 9/09/2017 3:32 pm

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Hi, Ace here.

Today, with something short and simple. It can slightly change your mindset by pulling it towards the positive.

It's a short description about Trees, this post can be used as a sign for some of you, that is telling you or guiding you towards your desires. That is completely fine if you want to take it as a sign, anything for motivation.

Let's start...

In a world, with billions of trees, there is a secret lesson or a blind motivation a tree gives.

A tree, loses so many leaves... And is never worried. It knows that, losing leaves, will bring more leaves again in the future.

A tree, only can sit in one place, under any weather, and still be happy. Rainy, Sunshine or even Thunder, the tree is always enjoying and feeling love on its branches. While people are complaining about how bad the weather is, how bad this job is, how their specific person isn't here.

A tree, isn't afraid, when it's time to die, because it has lived it's life by being happy and that's why it never had time to regret.

A tree, is just full of love.

These trees are an example of how we should live... is a secret lesson or a blind motivation...

...which encourages us to be happy under any circumstances.

It is telling you that sometimes, a lose is a gain, or a better gain for the future... also tells you that with time, things can heal. Exactly how with time, the tree gets it's leaves back.

Everything is telling you something...

...just keep your eyes open.

- Ace

LOA Questions and Teachings πŸ™‹ » LOA - Letting Go Is The Art Of Receiving » 9/09/2017 3:06 pm

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Staceylouuu91x wrote:

You know I was wondering when you'd post, divine timing.Β

It has to be the timing haha ❀

whitebutterflies11 wrote:

I feel like this was a sign for me!! I have been saying ALL night that I know I'm struggling with letting go. Wow. It all makes sense. And I know I need to let go & be happy with where I am. I think my controlling self has such an issue of leaving it up to God/Universe. How do I let go!?!

Good to know this helped you. Let go off unnecessary thoughts and fears related to desire. See your desire as a DESIRE instead of something to ANALYZE. When you come to that point where desire is a feeling of love and wanting, nothing negative can annoy you❀

honeebee wrote:

Hi Ace so happy to see you are back
. I always look forward to reading your posts and as always thanks for a great post and lift me up

Thank you for the kind words, I hope you're doing good from the last time we spoke, good to know this post has helped you❀

LOA Questions and Teachings πŸ™‹ » LOA - Letting Go Is The Art Of Receiving » 9/05/2017 6:44 pm

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Hi, Ace here.

Today, I thought I'll come to the forum and post few things about "Letting go" and how it can help you Naturally, as well as with LOA.

I hope everyone is doing good and feeling blessed for everything they have already, and also for the things they will receive in the future.

Let's start...

Just a short paragraph of what "Letting go" is.

Letting go is one of the principles of LOA, which by now, I'm sure we all know. It is letting go of the fears and doubts related to your desire. It is NOT letting go of your desire.

So, how does "Letting go" help you?

Letting go, brings love to faith.

Letting go, makes you feel the weight of release... once you have released the weight that does not belong to you, like the weight of doubts and fears.

Letting go, opens you up to the love of self-worth.

Letting go, leads you to take meaningful actions with patience, instead of meaningless actions with desperation.

Letting go is a teacher, it teaches you that even with eyes closed, you can have your dreams as your reality.

Letting go, is a healer, it teaches you that the pain you carry, is the pain you once have to let go in order to be happy again, it's the pain that teaches you of what needs to be healed from within.

There's nothing in this world that is as good as letting go of the things that consistantly make you feel unworthy, fearful, doubtful, unhappy and all those things.

There is nothing better than letting go of the mistakes that were unintentional, and remembering the lessons you have learned from the mistakes...

...Like being attached, stops you from living. Being desperate, kills the self-worth. Being fearful, leads to thoughts that scare you to avoid your dreams.

These things are all an illusion that the mind creates. In reality, this illusion doesn't even exist. it is only coming from the parts that need to be healed from within. This is why, you let it all go.

Letting go will open up opportunities, open to the love of others as w

Ex/Specific Person Discussion » Specific Person - Dealing With Worries » 8/30/2017 9:58 am

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sillyromantic wrote:

This is much needed today. Thank you for taking the time to write this post and remind me not to give up. I wasnt planning on giving up but it's always good to affirm what I already believe is going on without my knowledge behind the scenes.

No problem at all, feels good to know it helped you, thank you for the kind reply ❀

Steffiqt2 wrote:

Needed this thank you universe of using you to create this and share!!
Many blessings too you!!!

Many blessings to you too ❀

Gratitude21 wrote:

Reading your post just now is one of the biggest proof that universe works in mysterious ways. I'm on the 25days challenge and just today morning feeling a little disheartened that there is no news from him. And here I come and read your message...that's Universe at workπŸ˜€. I got my answer and I feel so good again. I'm grateful for this post beyond words. Thank you...loads of love and best wishes.

Thank you for the kind reply, and it's true how sometimes we get given something to motivate us out of the blue, one of the best things. Best wishes to you too ❀

Law of Attraction Discussion » Possibly the best thing for me » 8/30/2017 9:48 am

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That's very positive and good to read.

I would like to tell you something that you probably already knew.

LOA is not just about manifesting your desires, it also has a huge effect on you Naturally.

It makes you unlearn the things that you have learned to fix you from within, for example, letting go of desperation, unnecessary fears, increase self worth, letting go of who wants to leave instead of begging and definitely a lot more.

It makes you powerful naturally and suddenly... Giving up on your dreams doesn't become an option.

This is probably the first step towards the best things in your future, Good luck.

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