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Ex/Specific Person Discussion » Do You REALLY Want Them Back » 6/13/2019 5:50 pm

One night I was eating a big ass pizza and I realized it wasn't really her I wanted, I wanted my food back. All those times she said she wasn't hungry but then she ate up my fries. It wasn't a broken heart, it was an empty stomach all along.

LOA Questions and Teachings ๐Ÿ™‹ » LOA Question- Free Will and Manifestation » 6/07/2019 10:52 am

ValkyrieWarrior wrote:

Perhaps it's us trying to pick and choose what we wanna hear?

That's exactly what it is. It's up to you to decide if free will exists, after all scientists are still debating it. Both Abe-Hicks and Neville Goddard say that you can influence others, but they also imply that others can reject your influence too. Personally, I believe in free will. But it doesn't matter. It's only an obstacle if you make it one and these teachings are not about fighting obstacles. All you have to do is put yourself in the feeling-state/ vibration you want to be in were you to to be with the SP. You know the drill of the Abe-Hicks videos, what does it feel like? Focus on that and let the feelings of fulfilled love grow in you. Get in a relaxed state, visualize love scenes or work with affirmations, feel those feelings of being loved for 30 min. When you persist with these kind of feeling sessions, you'll notice a change in yourself. You'll react differently to things, new insights, new ideas, new intuition, new habits. Abe-Hicks focuses a lot on feeling deeply those feelings as if the goal is accomplished because when that happens you'll find your own answers and insights. That's really the most important thing here. And that's why free will vs no free will doesn't matter, what matters is that you get into this feeling-state and access your own insights.

Sometimes Abe-Hicks will say to take your attention off of a SP and "go general". This doesn't mean to give up a SP and aim for a generic person. Often, people will think about a SP and feel bad, their attention is on limiting beliefs and obstacles and it's really hard to feel the wish fulfilled deeply when you're so used to feeling bad like that, all those old thoughts just keep coming back up every time you think about a SP, every time you visualize scenes with them. So instead, focus on things that generally help you feel better, feel more empowered. It can be affirmations or a movie or going for a wal

Law of Attraction Discussion » We get what we believe to be true? » 6/07/2019 10:03 am

If you tell yourself that just being the version of you that you are right now is enough to manifest - that's still a permission slip to living in the end because it brings you into the feeling that it's done. That's still doing a mental diet because you're still putting in the belief that you're enough as you are (which by the way can be said to be a form of self-love).

Anyway, I don't think a rock solid belief is necessary anymore. So many times I got what I wanted even though I didn't believe it would happen. I remember a woman and me started going out again, for months I told myself "She's not into you, it's time to move on." That's what felt real to me. Though I did visualize love, I didn't include her in my scenes, I didn't change my beliefs about her. I just changed the feeling of myself, feeling loved in general.

Law of Attraction Discussion » 'Self love' and 'feeling good' are not necessary to manifesting » 12/26/2018 1:50 pm

Selfloveiskey wrote:

Exactly because just living in the end result can cause obsession like you need this to feel better etc. if you had it really you would be enjoying and doing other things. You wouldnโ€™t think about it all the time. A lot of people when they try to live in the end think about it a lot which is the opposite of what is helpful. They obsessively think oh I have it this person is here etc. some people may be able to feel it and let it go but most can not.

I think the issue is that some people say they're living in the end but not really. They haven't really changed their consciousness or internal state of being into their ideal state. They're just pretending and hoping and it feels like they're trying hard, there was no real internal change. In my experience, living in the end should feel natural, more freeing, more self-loving, more confident, more awesome than the previous states of fear, hurt, and powerlessness. And here's the irony - practicing self-love is one of my favorite things and it helps me live in the end but when you're living in the end there's no awareness of practicing anything because there's no need, you're just there. It's like you just naturally are that person you want to be, there's no trying hard. Same with self-love, people say they do some exercise or meditation but they didn't really feel that self-love intensely and allow it to build up into their new state of consciousness on autopilot, they think the technique or effort is supposed to fix everything. But it's just there to direct your focus, to help you make the mental shift. The shift in consciousness to our ideal state is what we're all looking for. So I think people confuse trying hard with a technique for the end internal state the technique was meant to help shape. In other words, it's the difference between doing and being, we need less doing and more being.

Law of Attraction Discussion » 'Self love' and 'feeling good' are not necessary to manifesting » 12/26/2018 1:31 pm

A few weeks ago I manifested something very important to me and all I did was decide to stop feeling bad about it and decide that life can still be good, that I will live a good life no matter how big this problem is. So that's all I did - I stopped worrying and just carried on with life, making it awesome. No visualization in SATS, no affirmations, no other techniques. Two days later I got what I wanted and it felt so natural. I've also received a lot of other wonderful experiences by doing this years ago. Looking back, what I did was an expression of self-love, the decision to let go of fear and live a good life now was a decision rooted in self-love. And all I did was feel good too, the whole journey was just feeling good. But in a way, I was living in the end too. Were I to be the person free of this problem, I wouldn't be worrying or feeling bad about it, I wouldn't shrink from life because of pessimism, I'd be living my life to the fullest because life is awesome. That was the end state of being I stepped into and embodied. If you want to be super literal and analytical about it all then this will sound like BS but intuitively it all feels like three ways of describing one thing to me.ย 

LOA Questions and Teachings ๐Ÿ™‹ » Divine intervention » 12/21/2018 5:00 pm

Reminds me of something Florence Scovel Shinn said: "Demonstrations often come at the 11th hour [or after] because it is then that man stops reasoning and Infinite Intelligence has its chance to work."


Help me align please... ๐Ÿ™ˆ » Help needed » 11/23/2018 2:22 pm

Aquilina wrote:

Selfloveiskey wrote:

My point is once you do the inner work just let it go you donโ€™t know how things show up or when.

Agreed, just make sure you actually *do* the inner work, and the inner work is living in the end result, and getting there through visualisation or whatever technique can make you believe more in your imagination as truth, than in any other circumstance. Self-love will become part of that, because you are changing your state, and as someone told me recently, your desired state within yourself (ie. self-love), is going to be part of the end result anyway, so just focus on the end result, in which, you are in the state that you want to be in, and are in a relationship with the person, married to the person, whatever you want.

I think Aqualina sees self-love as a noun, something to be reached through imagination but is an effect of being in the state of the wish fulfilled.

Selfloveiskey sees it as a verb and a noun, something you practice to reach an inner state of self-love. From a Neville point of view, it boils down to revising your concept of self which is what Neville suggested.

From personal experience, both can work. Just going straight to the end in imagination can make you feel so immersed in your new self-concept that you feel love for who you are.

But practicing love/ appreciation for who you are now can also make you feel fulfilled - so you're entering the state of the wish fulfilled in that way too.

Though personally it's easier to live in the end or to believe you can have what you want if you already have a base of self-love.

So it really depends on your own self-awareness, examining yourself and your reactions. Then you'll have a better idea of what's best for you.

Flying High ๐Ÿš€๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’ซ » Growth & Inner Peace » 11/18/2018 10:14 pm

Very cool success story.

I feel like being honest with yourself and examining yourself, your beliefs, why you want what you want, why you do the things you do, seeing what state in you this is a reaction from, and understanding your own truth are all so important. But it's a very personal thing that no one can hold your hand through and a hard thing to do when you're so used to one way of life on autopilot. Most people who first get into LoA I think actively try to deny self-examination because that's their own hurt feelings operating on autopilot, searching for a quick way to feel better, buying into other people's truth because hope is so addictive. But knowing yourself just makes life so much better.

Law of Attraction Discussion » If you don't know what you want....... » 11/16/2018 2:42 pm

Experience has taught me that you don't have to be clear on the specifics to get outcomes that meet your desires and more. Sometimes I didn't know the specifics of what I wanted, be it a job or a love interest and other stuff, but I still got outcomes that were great, above my expectations, and gelled really well in my life. I think you get what matches your own state/ feeling of self.

Law of Attraction Discussion » 'Self love' and 'feeling good' are not necessary to manifesting » 9/13/2018 7:26 pm

For me, Law of Attraction and Neville's Law of Assumption are one and the same. In The Power of The Subconscious Mind, Joseph Murphy called it Law of Attraction as well as Law of Belief to explain how subconscious beliefs become reality. And that's pretty much what Neville taught as well. You're just choosing a new belief (assumption) and it becomes reality if you accept it.

And that's what self-love is it me too. It's just a belief that you practice. I think self-love fits right in with Neville's teachings. He tells us not to try to change others but to change our concept of ourselves. To me, that's what self-love is. You're choosing new beliefs about yourself, a new self-concept that turns on self-confidence and self-worth. There's a story of a black man who came to Neville and thought his skin color was a curse. But Neville reminded us of what his mentor told him about the people who designed the Sphinx and how his mentor said he should never be ashamed because of what people of his skin color have accomplished. That kind of self-talk is a good example of self-love and it brings you right back to a state of power. That's all it is, self-love is just having healthy core beliefs about yourself.

Neville tells us it's all about states and states are just bodies of belief. So in a state of self-love which is pretty much feeling confident, feeling worthy, feeling unconditionally loved from within, feeling good about yourself, the knowing of that - how can you not receive good things? Like Neville said, your state will objectify itself in your world.

Now, is self-love necessary to manifest the good things you want? No. It is possible to manifest what you want even if you hate yourself, even if you feel unworthy, even if you feel low on confidence, even if you feel insecure. After all, all you have to do is feel that the end result is reality now, discipline your awareness and focus to stay there. But more than likely, your lack of self-love will ruin it. After you ge

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