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Coaching by Veronica » Higher self course question » 7/14/2023 1:20 am

Veronica… success story! I have now three case managers and an advocate! It all happened at once! It was right after I started doing the course. Thank you so much. I haven’t even finished them yet xxx

I’ve been working with you for so many years and I appreciate your support on this path. I always remember what you’ve said to me and trust your work, totally. ❤️❤️❤️

Coaching by Veronica » Coaching Questions » 7/14/2023 1:18 am

Hi Veronica,

I have a question about manifesting something or someone. Today I heard someone say “if it hasn’t happens or you don’t have it yet, it’s because you don’t want it, or want it enough.” I have some opinions on this myself, but from personal experience with a person who desperately wanted to manifest their SP and now is working on themselves, trying to enjoy life and meet new people, I can say that not wanting them so much is a relief. This isn’t because I don’t want them, it’s that I don’t want the version of them who’s not showing up at all, or the way I want them to and I deserve to be happy and continue to change the story.

What is your take on this type of advice or viewpoint this person has? I’d really be interested to hear your perspective on this.

Coaching by Veronica » Coaching Questions » 6/12/2023 11:11 pm

Hi, I’m just waiting for my questions to be approved, I hope I did it right.

Coaching by Veronica » Higher self course question » 6/12/2023 3:12 am

Hi Veronica and team.

I’m seeking some guidance. I have been manifesting my SP over 3 years now. We have now been in contact for 7 months and I moved across the country.

I have had some very extreme circumstances with my family of origin. This family violence has been going on for over 20 years and I have found it next to impossible to be taken seriously by the authorities. This has obviously been affecting my mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

When I first got in touch with Veronica for 1-1 coaching in 2020, she told me to focus on comfort and relief.

While doing this higher self course, I’m trying to asking myself what have I learned about myself in a positive way, through this experience? How can I live a better life when these extremities are going on?

I don’t know what I’ve learned, or even if that is the right question to be asking at this stage. I just feel sad that things have got to this point and have been carrying on for so long.

Any guidance you have would be great.


All Challenges Here! 💪🏼🌈 » Looking for a LOA buddy » 1/25/2020 3:34 am

Just looking to see if anyone wants to be my LOA buddy where we can support each other with our manifestations and keep the vibes high!

Ex/Specific Person Discussion » My SP journey and feeling like I’m doing the opposite » 1/24/2020 6:33 pm

So originally my SP when I first started seeing him told me he didn’t wanna relationship but then we did a pretty good job of acting like we’re in a relationship. He asked me to leave my toothbrush there which I haven’t got the opportunity to do yet, we were holding hands, kissing, sleeping together etc we still sleep together and hang out, and talk all the time. He’s changed out emoji in messenger from the thumbs up to Kissy lips.

However, I don’t know if I’m just being impatient for the manifestation to occur or whether it’s me working through all my doubts and fears and insecurities that are getting in the way. But I noticed that he’s less physically affectionate and he’s also posting things up online about how he’s happy being single This really started happening because about a week or so ago when I discovered this process it was catalysed by me wanting to dump him and him refusing to be dumped. It was over me wanting more and him telling me that he didn’t want that…

I only really started this particular law of attraction process about a week or so ago as I wasn’t aware that you could manifest a specific person. I certainly was not aware that everybody is you pushed out either.

This morning he didn’t even hug me before he got in the shower and I left. I might just be reading too much into the action all the circumstance but I am so stressed out about not doing this right because I really want this to happen.

Maybe I’m blocking the process and I’m not allowing. And maybe I am still leading from insecurity and fear which I’m doing my best to change all the belief systems around that And set the new intentions.

Any insight or advice appreciated.

LOA Questions and Teachings 🙋 » I may have done the wrong thing » 1/24/2020 11:38 am

So I was scared that my SP was seeing someone else and while I’m new to all of this, I just want to say that I am in fact working on my issues too.

Anyhow, there were some personal items in the bathroom that were belongings of a female. Granted, he live in a sharehouse but they are all male and only one of them has a gf.

So I decided to use the rubbing out technique to get rid of all of the personal items in the bathroom... and it worked. Maybe a little bit TOO well because the couple in question now who were more than likely responsible for the items are now gone. Like I’m talking they moved out without a trace and didn’t pay the rent gone...

Did I screw up?

Help me align please... 🙈 » Some success but now confusion » 1/16/2020 7:03 pm

From what I understand, you need to have complete clarity and faith in your vision to manifest the person back otherwise if you are uncertain in anyway it can cancel out your desire. Your ex may in fact be right for you, she can absolutely become the best version of herself the more you evolve.
The thing you need to remember is this. You are love already. You don’t need anyone’s love but you can desire it. You can be doing all the right things but how do you feel about yourself in the process?
I feel like you are having some great experiences now with dating app girl which is great so keep that up. If you find your heart keeps going back to your ex, then you know it’s her and you can attract her back too.

Remote Seduction/Influence » New here, have some questions » 1/16/2020 6:56 pm

Hahaha so true. I read the book Distinct Desire overnight and I learned a bit more. Thank you, so grateful for this forum ✨

Remote Seduction/Influence » New here, have some questions » 1/14/2020 11:02 am

Hello everybody. I’m just wondering I’d like to attract a specific person To me, but I am wondering what will happen if I attract them and they are the right person for me? Should I know in advance that they are the right person for me?

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