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Welcome and Hi! 👋🏼 » Hello! Long time lurker popping my head up :) » 11/25/2018 3:07 am

Hello everyone! I've been lurking this forum since circa June last year, and finally made an account today because I realised it helps to chat with people a bit and bounce off thoughts.

Just a bit about me - I live in South Africa and dabbled with LOA for a while, but was always told you can't use it for a specific person. However I'm stubborn and managed to draw a former crush back into my life, but then realised when he was back that there was just too much negativity in my heart towards him and honestly I'd outgrown him. I also met someone interesting who I lowkey thought would be nice to get to know. Around that time I discovered Lanie Stevens and remote seduction, and I was super eager to test them out! Ofcourse one thing led to another
and I discovered Agnes Vivarelli and Veronica Isles too!
I managed to manifest little things with the new guy, but only recently felt like I may actually want a relationship with him. This has really taught me the importance of self love and uncovered a lot of the ways I unintentionally sabotage my potential relationships. Very challenging journey.

Anyways that's my story There's lots more I'd love to write about, talk about etc. Also, I really really hate negativity so I'm looking forward to positive, fruitful and yes sometimes robust discussions.

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