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No Contact » LOA SP INFINIDELITY » 7/22/2020 11:04 pm

I really appreciate you taking the time to guide me towards a better me and a better out come ♥️🥰 I will check those things out for sure. I actually got a Neville Goddard Book a couple weeks ago And had a hard time understand the old text but I’m going to look up some videos instead. Thank you so much. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ My first time in a forum actually. So cool! 🥰❤️

No Contact » LOA SP INFINIDELITY » 7/21/2020 7:47 pm

Hello Veronica!
Thank you for everything you share with us. I have an SP that I feel conflicted about .He has a history of Infidelity, had cheated on me until I decided to move out of our home with our son. He did not stop me. He now lives with this woman, & is always upset with me because I feel sad, hurt and jealous. I feel used because I helped him get a green card and if I divorce him he says I’m taking him away from his son. I feel conflicted mainly because of our history and don’t know how to overcome those feeling while manifesting. I can’t seem to get past the hurt and am always wondering if I should just try to manifest someone else. I am constantly blocking him since all we have are disagreements So it only makes him get more upset. Just hoping for some guidance on how to shift this. I currently blocked him because he told me some very hurtful things last night. I’m not sure what to do but blocking him I feel gives me a break. Any advice would be of incredible help. I watch your videos every day. I am from Schaumburg, IL. Lol I also purchased an email package from team Veronica and am currently waiting to be contacted. Again thank you so much!

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