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Forum Guidelines » Scripting ♡ » 4/13/2017 2:33 am

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thank you so much for even reading! i really appreciate it! it means a lot that you helped me w visualizing this.

xEpicWindx wrote:

awesome scripting :D i enjoyed reading it


Forum Guidelines » 25 Day Challenge | Day 3: I Love You » 4/12/2017 7:05 am

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you are the sweetest! thank you so much for reading and helping to visualize this with me! i really appreciate it. thank you for wanting this for me as well. you are very kind!

PurpleLily wrote:

Wow! Naibiri that was awesome! I totally could see all of it. I want this for you.


Forum Guidelines » Update: We've Been Texting! » 4/09/2017 4:11 am

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If you've been reading my stuff, first of all, I appreciate it greatly. But for those of you who haven't, I've been writing about a special someone named Armando.

He is no longer in Korea. He ended up going back to Hawaii, without telling me. But we'd been texting while he was out here, up until he ended up leaving, and he's managed to text me upon returning to Hawaii as well. I'm trying to understand what all this means, but it must be something far more interesting than what I had in mind. I wonder what is to come of this.

The thing that stands out to me most is that he told me he's trying to better himself, which is what I'd been wanting for the both of us! And to actually see him text that to me is crazy! 

For those of you who've been reading, you know that I thought I scared him off with a confession text that he didn't think I was gonna have the balls to send. It silenced him for about a week, and I did my best to stay positive about it. Who knows what goes through a boy's brain when a girl tells him that she can't see herself with anyone else! 

But low and behold, he'd come back, and was texting me whenever he could! We ended up texting back and forth for a couple days, which was surprising. Maybe he's starting to see that I mean what I say. I truly want no one else besides him. Still a ways to go, but I want to thank anyone who's been reading my posts. All I can see is progress, even if it's small. Maybe it's a lot bigger than I can imagine, and Armando just isn't telling me anything! We'll see. Just gotta keep the faith!

Forum Guidelines » 25 Day Challenge | Day 1: A Small Gift » 4/09/2017 3:59 am

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congrats on your real estate exam, i'm so happy for you ^u^ yes, your man is on his way! you got this. your happiness and oneness with yourself matters more than anything, i agree.

mama2975 wrote:







Forum Guidelines » 25 Day Challenge | Day 1: A Small Gift » 4/09/2017 3:57 am

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sent you a message, dear <3

abhisharma2984 wrote:

please help me with visualization please will anyone


Forum Guidelines » 25 Day Challenge | Day 1: A Small Gift » 4/09/2017 3:55 am

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aw, you are so sweet, thank you so much for reading! thank you for believing in me and Armando! i appreciate it so much, he's the love of my life.

KaliShiva9 wrote:

You wrote this with such a clear and pure energy, I felt it all over in my skin!!! beautiful. i know it will take no time to manifest!


Forum Guidelines » 25 Day Challenge | Day 3: I Love You » 4/09/2017 3:53 am

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 It was a rainy evening in Okinawa, Japan, so my boyfriend wagged his tail a bit extra today, despite his calm demeanor. He loved the rain. I loved it immensely myself, probably more than anyone else I knew, but he just might've loved it a bit more.

  "Isn't there some place called American Village out here?" Armando asked, looking out the window. He was wearing one of his windbreakers today, a dark navy blue, almost black. But of course, he wore shorts, socks that floated above his ankles, and some matching sneakers. He hated pants, and windbreakers were his favorite. 

  I was looking for my own windbreaker. It was a soft, baby pink. "Mhm, you should see a Ferris wheel in the distance. That's where everything is."

  "Let's go, babe," he said. "I've never been."

  "I think you'll like it, especially since it's raining. Everything's ten times better when it rains, of course. Now, if I could just find my.." I looked around, eyes falling on him, who had my windbreaker wedged in his arm. His back remained facing me. 

  I walked over to him and kissed the back of his neck while slipping the jacket from him. "Ready?"

  He turned around to face me, smirking down at my lips. "Yeah."


 Upon exiting the honcho, or taxi, Armando put his hand on the small of my back and looked around for my safety as we crossed the street. It excited me, to see him be such a gentleman, being dominant and caring. 

  "What's Goh-ba-wa?" he asked. 

  I paused for a moment, and then, "Oh! Gonbanwa! It means 'Good evening' in Japanese."

  "And what was that super long one?"

  "Domo arigatogozaimashita?"

  "Yeah, that."

  "Oh, it's like 'Thank you' but with a Superman cape."

  He laughed, interlocking our fingers, which sent chills down my spine. "Almost as sexy as your English accent."

  "I don't know what you're talking about," I said, whipping it out, which made him laugh again. He just lo

Forum Guidelines » 25 Day Challenge | Day 2: I Forgive You » 4/09/2017 3:50 am

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     We were lying on my bed in my room, illuminated by dim lights and my television. My body laid cradled against his, his warmth beneath me. He was like a soft couch that I could nestle into whenever I pleased. It was pure bliss to me, no matter how nonchalant I may have seemed if I happened to come off as such. To lay on Armando's chest was one of my favorite things to do. And I know he loved it, as well. He'd always motion for me to sit in his lap by gently tapping his thigh or chest to come lay with him. He needed my touch after a long day's work, and I was always looking forward to the comfort and warmth of him.       I was going through my Spotify to pick a soft song to play when I felt his fingers begin to stroke my arms, sending a chill down my spine. I loved when he did that. It was like I was getting pet. And suddenly felt his lips on my shoulder.

  "I'm sorry," he said. 

  I stopped searching for music for a moment, and then continued to scroll. "For what, babe?"

  "I'm sorry for.. any time I may have hurt you, or disrespected you, or didn't leave you with much explanation or feedback about something. You know I love you, right?"

  I paused. No more scrolling. I put my tablet down to turn around and study him. He had that look in his eyes like he didn't want to lose me. He was being serious. He wasn't joking around like he normally does. He was actually, finally being serious. I looked into his eyes and saw a man. 

  "Yes," I replied. "And you know that I love you."

  "I know." He kissed my head. Wow. "Which is why I want to tell you this. Now. While I'm in the mood." He said, smirking. He knew that I knew what he meant. "I never mean to hurt you, ever. I never mean to disregard your feelings. I never mean to not consider your opinions or beliefs. I want you to know that I support you no matter what. I'm not going anywhere. Okay?"

  He took his thumb and index finger and raised my chin for our lips

Forum Guidelines » 25 Day Challenge | Day 1: A Small Gift » 3/29/2017 6:23 am

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     It was a summer's day, a gentle breeze sweeping across our faces as we sat in an open field, vacant of anyone else except us. It seemed as if we were the last ones on Earth. I almost felt obligated to pick all of the flowers. After all, we were the last ones on Earth, right? Who was going to pick the dandelions and make a wish on them? 

I sat between his legs, fully supported by his chest. I leaned in front of me, temporarily leaving the warmth of his chest on my back. 

"What are you doing?" he asked, his voice low and husky.

"Picking the flowers," I said cheerfully. "Er, well, trying to. I don't see any more left. I must've picked them all."

"Could you sit still for once?" He pulled me back into his chest. "There's plenty enough flowers elsewhere. Just relax. You can pick them all you want later."

"But I want to pick them now," I pouted. "They're so pretty, the way they're shining in the Sun. They don't always look like that. There's something about picking them right now."

I nestled into him further. He was plush and warm. I could feel his chest rise and fall slowly behind me. My heart melted. I completely gave up on the flowers.

"I guess they can wait," I said, closing my eyes. Could this very moment last forever? Please? I would slap a baby kitten on its little wrist if it meant I could just stay like this. Slapping a baby kitten would be very hard for me to do, by the way.

I could feel his hand begin to stroke me slowly, first my arms, then my neck. His skin was hot against mine, just how I liked it. Chills went down my spine. I was under his spell yet again, my eyes surrendering shut.

"Tilt your head forward," he said in a low voice.

I obeyed.

He reached in front of me, and then brought his hands behind my neck. 

"You didn't!" I said, looking down. 

"This is the one you wanted, right?"

"Yes, but.." He'd purchased a tiny golden necklace I nonchalantly said that I liked earlier when we'd visited the mall. It was a small antler design.

Forum Guidelines » He Called Me! / I Need Encouragement! » 3/29/2017 5:10 am

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It was March 19, 2017, evening time. I was in my barracks room with my new roommate, Curtis (her last name). We were chatting the night away, having girl-talk about our guys and whatnot, me about Armando, her about Chris, when suddenly Armando texted me. My eyes grew wide, as I had been wanting him to text me for a while now. I always want him to text me, but there was something about tonight that made it all happen to quickly. I was relaxed, I was content and happy, in a calm mood, and I suppose I was ready to receive, because there it was, a text from the love of my life.

He appeared to be angry with me, in a playful manner of course, but there was passion in his anger due to the ending of a book I had suggested he read. It was the second book I'd given him by now, called Flowers For Algernon by Daniel Keys, and he was upset that the ending of the book was not what he wanted for the protagonist. 

"So I finished that book," he texted. "Flowers For Algernon."

"You really read it," I replied. "Thoughts?"

"I f*cking hate it. I hate that he finally got what he wanted but only to have it taken away."

"My God," I replied, laughing with my roommate. "You must be livid. You sound livid."


"Yeah, like super mad. It's making me laugh."

My phone began to ring.

He was calling!

I picked up, and he proceeded to complain about the book. It was so funny, but most importantly it was just so nice to hear his voice again. It was what I'd been wanting! Especially since he's not the type to really do phone calls, which I understand. I'm the same exact way. But I'd drop everything if it meant I got to be on the phone with him. His voice is one of my favorite sounds. I always relate it back to a deep, dark brown cup of hot, steaming coffee. It just has this heat to it, and it makes me think of the comfort of a mug filled with my favorite brewed coffee beans. He's Mexican, so he's got a little accent too. Makes me melt every time. 

I did learn of something that

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