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Veronica's 25 Day Challenge » Undoing story of SP being a bad communicator » 2/15/2024 10:04 pm


I’ve unfortunately believed in this story with my SP that they aren’t good at being honest with their emotions and are typically not the type to reach out first. Moreover, in the past I’ve had to be the one to reach out first and those times have just been haunting me, because I was definitely in a chasing energy.

This is such a key belief, because obviously I would like them to be able to communicate with me and to bravely reach out first, but I have such a strong image of them as someone who has a hard time expressing their feelings vulnerably. How can I work to undo this?

Thank you!

Law of Attraction Discussion » Manifesting money with worry about debt » 2/15/2024 9:08 pm

Hey all!

Been realllly enjoying my teachings from Veronica so far. I feel like I’ve finally found someone who aligned with my chill and spiritual mindset (I got super sick of the recent LOAssump movement that preaches perfectionism and robotic affirming…it felt soulless and tiring).

I’ve manifested a lot of money before, usually from random housesitting jobs or music gigs, but recently I’ve found myself in a cycle of worry over my money and spending because of my credit card debt. I feel worried when I spend or treat myself because I have a sizable amount of debt (just around $3500) and bills to take care of.

For manifesting money, how should I balance the practicality of not spending too far out of my means and running myself into more debt, and getting to the feeling state of feeling like I have more than enough and that spending is fun? I want to create a better current relationship with my debt since it’s here in my reality, but I eventually want to reach an abundance consciousness of not worrying about money and being debt free. I want money to flow freely to me (I’m sure we all do)! Any tips or processes/exercises I can follow to align myself with an abundance consciousness?

Thank you so much

Veronica's 25 Day Challenge » Releasing resistance, trust vs. letting it be? » 2/14/2024 5:40 pm

Hi all! Glad to be here.

I'm currently on day 3 of the challenge, and, great news, I already had an insanely good dream about me and my SP. I dreamt we had our first kiss, got intimate, and similar to the program's exercises, I reached for my phone to text my best friend that me and SP are dating! This progress is really motivating, especially since I've just started. After a year and a half of manifesting (without self-love), I haven't had a dream so on the nose to my desire (I've had close ones but nothing like this), so I think I finally reached a place where I can manifest quite well! The program has helped me have fun with it too

I had a question about releasing resistance. I'm an avid watcher of IlluminatingJoy Amy on YouTube. I've been having trouble blending her releasing resistance technique of "just letting it be okay that you have that feeling" (whether it be doubt, lack, fear, etc). with the common advice that is preached of "going deep into trust, trusting in the end, showing love over fear." I just needed some help sorting through this. Sometimes I have doubt or attachment to my SP, which I feel is normal, but sometimes I fear that it has the power to pull me back into my old story and get me back where I started if I lean into it fully. Any advice?

Thanks so much! Happy Valentines <3

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