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No Contact » No contact - his birthday and other... » 4/12/2019 3:00 am

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PrettyFlamingo wrote:

We don't know the background. No contact isn't a hard and fast rule, but in a situation where a person has asked for no contact, what you propose would be very annoying and maybe counter productive.

First of all thank you so much for your answer! The thing is he never asked for no contact.
He is always reading the messages fast and never blocked me. Still has a few things at my place. All in all it seems he wishes for a link to still be connected with me. And we both need to evolve to be ready for each other.

I thought about it and changed the present a lil bit. The CD is very in your face and might be overwhelming for him. I always can give that to him later. So I think and feel good with putting that lil cake with the candles in our "mailbox" to show him I didn't forget his special day. Then I won't continue with the messages but rather give him more space so we both can evolve further.

No Contact » No contact - his birthday and other... » 4/10/2019 11:07 pm

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Hi there,

To make a long story short: my POI didn't contacted me in a while. One day a friend (who isn't a firm believer of the LOA) had the idea of contacting my POI once a week with some nice or cute things. A pic of a book I recommend or some facts to tell him he doesn't know about me. Because this idea came so organic I felt it was a great idea. Now with reading about the no contact topics I'm not so sure anymore. I just started using Veronicas books and the LOA to consciously manifest him back.

Now the topic theme: His birthday is coming up in 2 weeks and I wanted to give him a little something. I made a cd (he loves to listen in the car) with songs he shared with me before, songs he probably is listening to now and songs that remind me of him. Songs that show him what a beautiful person he is and so on. With that CD I wanted to give him a little (special) cake (it's a thing here in Germany) and stick two number candles in it. We are working together and whenever we wanted to share dvds or anything and couldn't see each other bc of lack of time we used his locker - a little like a mailbox.

What should I do now? Stop the message I do understand. But it's POIs birthday?

Thanks so much for your help and may the Universe bless you.

Help me align please... 🙈 » Everything looked so good, but now... » 4/07/2019 4:03 am

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Here a little update. Yesterday evening after work the co-worker who seems to hate me (don't worry I can see his inner fight with himself) said very very awful things to me in our work group chat. He threatened me and I felt panic rising in me.
Since our boss is on vacation my SP is our current boss and in the middle of the night I wrote him a message, that depsite what happened between us I need to make clear that our co-worker cannot talk to me in that disrespectful way. 
He read the message but never got back to me which is okay, it's Sunday, but just now that co-worker of ours wrote a sincere apology in our group chat. I know that my SP talked to him. I can feel it. It sounds like him. 

I big rock was lifted from my shoulders and I can feel both situations dissolving. The worries are vanishing too. 

I again learnt so much about me and my energy. 

But i wanted to thank all of you for reading and sending good thoughts. 

The universe may bless your souls!

Help me align please... 🙈 » Everything looked so good, but now... » 4/06/2019 5:09 pm

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Dear community,

I hope this is the right way to ask my question. Please bare with me, I try to give as much information as possible but not to write a novel at the same time. And Englisch is not my first langugage so I hope you understand me.

Two years ago I started working at my local grocery store (I'm a student and need money). There I met my specific person. I knew from the very beginning that he is married but I fell for him. I never did anything or said anything but last year we started talking. We were talking for hours sometimes, even at work like we had no worries in life. 
He helped me with moving houses and was such a kind person. Long story short he fell for me too (he already was very unhappy in his marriage and just stays for the kids - probably why he manifested me into his life - I can give him the love he so desperately craves) and we had an on and off relationship for a couple of months. Eventually he did something that kind of ended the relationship again but at the same time didn't end it completely. 
We see each other reguarly and I text him from time to time. He never really cut ways even if he could (even with work it would be possible) 

Now the thing. I "met" Veronica via youtube and felt immediately connected. Many people told me that manifesting a specific person is black magic or voodoo or just plain wrong but Veronica has the right arguments. So I started the 25 Day Challenge. I already changed my life regarding to focusing on me and such. The last few weeks I got so many signs and felt so good. He didn't contacted me back yet but he read my messages very fast and it seemed as the knot would have been broken quite fast. 

A week ago I had a conversation with a co-worker and I thought she is a good person so I told her about the relationship and she told me so many things I needed to know in order to support my specific person reagrding custody, money and things like that. 

Yesterday after a weird conversation she suddenly told me

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