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Calling all success stories! 🎉👏🏼 » Totally Manifested My Honey! » 4/29/2019 2:23 pm

Hi. A few years ago i found this place tryning to get my ex back. I tried so much and thought i was doing ok but it wasnt loa it was me and him. We just werent a match.

So i got into me and knew i wanted more for me and my kid. I manifested myself to a new job. In a new state. My old boss git fired ..didnt want that but manifested her off my back. Manifested new friends. Manifested a better relationship with my ex since we have a kid and manifested  my honey im dating now.

I havent healed from all my drama abd it does affect security at times..but i knew i was so worth more than i experienced and kept that as my focus. My visualization was mainly about me and my kid. And my new guy immediately recognized this. He is all ive wanted and all i needed not even knowing i did.

I put out in the universe that he and i were just gonna be great friends whi had communication skills that would make others jealous. And guess what...we do.

But the minute i fall into bad thoughts...bad things happen.

So understanding what you focus on is what you're given is so real! So even though its been 10 months i try not to get too comfortable because the LOA is always working. I never want to stop manifesting this relationship.

Well i never wanna stop manifesting anything.

He and i are at odds at the moment but i figured come on here and be grateful for what we DO have instead of here and sad about our fight.

That's not easy but what way to be more grateful that shating with you all theres no lack.. i have  the cutest..biggest laugh...sexiest smile..most unorganized country boy youll ever meet. And tho he works ny last nerve i havent been this happy ever and he is mine.

Im thankful and i succeeded!

Help me align please... 🙈 » Had a fight and having trouble focusing. Advice anyone? » 4/29/2019 2:09 pm

So i should share i totally manifested a guy who i freaking ADORE. Ever since I was a teen i said i wanted a country man who is big, loud, handsome, smart and will spoil me.

I manifested my move to Houston from DC and within 3 months met him.

Anyway..we got in a huge fight last weekend. I saw him get s nite from a dating site and lost my ****.After all this time of dating i felt how are you still looking and packed my things to leave for the airpoirt while we were outta town.

As im leaving him he says im not on the site.  Tries to explain i cut him off and leave.

Issue is is that we were on vacation and i was leaving him in Colorado.

We finally spoke this past Thursday  and he shares he was mad because i never asked him..just accused him..and if im honest..i get ads from them all the time and ok i get it i shoulda asked.

Worse part is he was mad because i was gonna leave him in another state. I didnt go..but i planned in it..and you know what i see how he is upset.

I have apologized since but he barely answers. He said that it's a deal breaker and even though we can fix it he feels as though it makes for a real future. And boy that hurts because i should have talked about it vs blew it up.

Because im SO having trouble focusing and getting back on my good feeling flying plane.

How do you do it when youre wrong? Any advise? Anyone been wrong and fixed it? Thanks in advance guys!

Help me align please... 🙈 » When LOA isn't able to work. » 8/03/2016 10:50 am

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Geez, it does does DOESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS DO damage! It is so painful! But im happy you got out of it too!

Help me align please... 🙈 » When LOA isn't able to work. » 8/03/2016 9:17 am

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barbidoll wrote:

My heart goes out to you.  I too was fooled once by someone tremendously narcisstic.  It always starts out wonderful  and becomes abusive and difficult.  Don't blame yourself    The error was not just the responsibility that was forced on him,  but that you were paying attention to someone else.  That is intolerable to him.

Lead with your heart  do what your heart and head tell you to do.   Perhaps use all your wonderful LOA skills to attract a wonderful relationship with a person who is balanced and loves you and the family.

We are all here for you  regardless of the choice you make      Put the bottle away  better yet throw it out for now    you don't need to self medicate    instead meditate on goodness and peace    Don't compound the problem sweetie .  I am here for you    as many of us are.  


Omg! Another us this disease not as broadcasted as others!

I'm so happy to meet another "survivor" of it.

Yes...I'm putting the bottle away and thank you for your kind words.

I wish I could hug you 3!

Help me align please... 🙈 » When LOA isn't able to work. » 8/03/2016 5:21 am

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Sanshi wrote:

I have two narcisstic exes and I'm very sensitive to such people now. When I meet someone and feel that he/she is a narcisst, I break ties immediately and I know why. This people are unhealthy. I wouldn't say that LoA is unable to work, but it's not practical. Sometimes it's the best and easiest thing to walk away and in your case, that's definitely so.
But what I would do if I were you is to think about why you attracted him in the first place. The two exes I was talking about came directly after each other and after that I thought about where this pattern was coming from. I started to think about what I wanted instead of what I didn't want and then a guy came who was the opposite of those two exes. So think it through and be careful that you don't develop a pattern.

You know I was attracted to his confidence...not knowing it wasn't real. Once I got into his life I empathize with all is events that made him more attractive because he over came them. But slowly as I saw he was negative and arguments became personal I noticed it was maybe immaturity and I could love him through it...then dooms day happened when I became a mom. He and I were now the enemies. The therapist explained my "error" was making him responsible for another kid and taking his freedom. That our kid caused me to be against him and his need to control. I have never been so confused but you know..I've totally heard him say this about his ex and now I get it...HIS logic makes since if I played devil's advocate and that's worrisome and heartbreaking.

I will totally use loa in other areas but in a relationship I'm currently too freaked out to imagine another go at it. But I am going to respond like you and walk away no run away. That is the best idea in this case.

Help me align please... 🙈 » When LOA isn't able to work. » 8/03/2016 5:13 am

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GirlyGirl111 wrote:

Hi there :-)

I've never really commented on your posts because I could see that he had issues. I didn't want to bring you down. I would read your posts and see that he was just like my ex husband who has the same issues. They are abusers and it is not your fault at all.

So many times I've wanted to tell you that you're too good for him and he is not worth your efforts. You cannot help him. I went to therapy with my ex and of course he said the therapists were wrong and crazy etc. No they weren't wrong. He was and still is abusive. I escaped him along with my 2 kids and never looked back. That was a decade ago and I was with him over a decade.

Just know this is not your fault and he is not worth it. You will meet someone who treats you and your baby the way you deserve. Next thing, put the bottle down. It doesn't solve anything. It'll only make you worse off. You need to be strong for you and your child.

I know how it feels to want to make a family work. I had to learn after many years of wasting my life with him....that I could be a family with my kids. You don't need some toxic man to have a family. It doesn't work. I think it's great that you give up on him. Focus on you and your child...your family.

I TRULY thank you for your candor and tell you it's a new feeling of hope but a sour feeling of lost too.

I'm amazed there are others in this predicament. And all along I just thought he was a hurt immature person. I'm glad you learned this and you and your kids aren't stained from the pain it brings.

My ex has been so hard to forget. Three years of bliss and the past two with physically painful confusion. Friends see it as weak or low esteem. But the therapist made it very clear how a person is internally tore to shreds from the influxes of treatment and emotions.

I fear this so much. How are your kids? That's my biggest worry.that mine will never heal from the rejection!

I do hope if you read any other post that are similar sp

Help me align please... 🙈 » When LOA isn't able to work. » 8/02/2016 11:12 pm

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So this post isn't to be a let down in anyway. But I'm writing after several weeks of not writing but much needed intervention.

My guy did return but was in and out. The LOA teaches they mirror you and you them in positive thinking. Right? Here is the loop hole.

He and I went to family therapy and we learned he has a mental condition that is narcissistic personality disorder with sociopathatic tendencies.

I have heard this thrown around but never met anyone with it.

The more I researched the more I learned there is no getting better unless the person is willing and to be willing the person must acknowledge their behavior as an issue.

Naturally he didn't...myself and all his main players in his life are to blame and guys this is a hard revelation....he is not who I feel in love with and that person is not coming back because he wasn't real.

The disease is sad really and he has become aggressively mean and accusatory and is now yelling, cursing and neglecting every duty he can because I have ruined his freedom by keeping our daughter.

The knowledge of this is painful but guys if you feel emotionally abused or someone is mean to you in and outrageous manner...consider looking this disorder up. Loa will work and Veronica's method did get him back. But he will be a revolving door unless I decided to just give up.

Today I officially give up on him and have drank every bottle I could find and cried or the last 3 hours knowing I have to mourn our past..fear the current and replace him for mine and our kids future.

I didn't know where else to turn but you guys..but then I thought to share that mental health is not anyone's fault unless ignored. And wanted to send healing hugs to anyone who has experienced emotional abuse that consider the past as love. The current circumstances may not be the end result but make sure you're focusing on warning signs of personality disorders.

My heart aches tremendously and my soul is crushed but my rise and fall in post make sense

Help me align please... 🙈 » He keeps disappearing? » 7/18/2016 9:52 pm

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Inloveandsohappytogether wrote:

If thinking about him right now doesn't feel good - think of something else. Trying to figure him out when you're already feeling some kind of way is on,y going to give you more of what you don't want. Step away, focus on something else and when you're back in a better place think about it again and see if it still makes you feel wonky.

There is one main question though : we choose who and what experiences we want. Sometimes we change our mind. I have noticed many times in your posts, it comes through as if you feel like he's not good enough for you or he doesn't tick all the boxes of the ideal relationship already in your vortex. And that's okay, but then what will happen is as you're being wishy washy your results are wishy washy.

All you have to do is focus on the best version of your relationship - not him specifically because you'll just manifest more of him being his best version maybe but not with you particularly  - focus on how you are together, give the relationship a life of its own and stop looking at details or what is - which is really manifestations of your past focus ( which you keep feeding when you focus on it )

What will happen is that you will call forth the relationship  ( not just the man ) with him or with whoever is in perfect alignment with it - being open to the fact that you may have outgrown your original desire and it may come in a different package is the mother of all road block removal to manifesting because what you're saying is : I'm no longer holding too tight because I'm scared it might not happen, I trust the process blindly and fully.

In the meantime we will trust it for you .

Ps : when I feel some kind of way : I take a nap. Esther was so spot on with that advice. Sometimes all you need is a reset.

I think this was the best post to read before bed.

I do keep monitoring it now because I didn't before. I can openly admit I enjoyed being successful and all about me! In the process

Help me align please... 🙈 » He keeps disappearing? » 7/18/2016 9:45 am

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That's why I am here. Today isn't a good one at all it feels horrible. I cannot describe it but it feels like something is wrong.

Just trying to get help and back in the mood of feeling better.

Help me align please... 🙈 » He keeps disappearing? » 7/18/2016 4:22 am

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Knowing him and his life right now you have no idea. He had removed himself from everyone at one point. And from my understanding I was the only person he reached out too really. Not even his folks.

But I have literally been him avoid a message so I do know if he isn't interested he won't.

Then if he is mad at me of course he won't.

But that's where it's odd. He initiates and then no response.

Honestly at this very moment I'm sort of annoyed.

Not with you of course but the entire idea of pinning and focusing and not being able to control manually versus mentally.

Sigh... gotta get ready to go to work..thanks!

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