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Veronica's 25 Day Challenge » Getting an ex back » 3/28/2016 10:23 am

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Hi, I havent been here for a while now  :-) Spent lots of time with my business and I do visualize time to time the outcome I want. There is no change between me and my love.
Recently I had birthday and havent heard from him, cant say it didnt feel little sad but something strange happened few days prior to my birthday. I keep seeing various numbers, like 333, 33 33, 222, 22 22, 4444, 000, 999. I has been going on for some half a year I would say. More and more I would see 11.11 in crazy amounts. I started to read articles about it at some point as i was thinking what is going on, i realized it is angels speaking to me, etc. then not long time ago my friedn told me that 11:11 is twin flames sign. I didnt know much about it and didnt investigate

What is the interesting thing that happened to me before my birthday was this:

I asked the Universe and my angels to bring me some really lovely birthday present for my brithday something which will please me in a big way.
It was like two days before my birthday, then next day I was doing something on my computer and i looked at the time to see how long time I spent in bed reading before i will finally get up :-) it was 11:11 :-)

i dont know why but i put 11: 11 and twin flames into google search and was lead to few websites, i started to read and read and got really interested, finally from the signs of twin flames i realized my partner, who left me few years ago and who cant seem to forget me and neither do i, is my twin flame :-)

there were things like you are from different parts of the world - yes we are
when you met, it felt electric and like if you have known each other for ever - yes
most likely the way you met wasnt really some online dating but it happened as if someone put you together, sometimes one of the twins is sent to the other twins country - exactly
i cant remember but there were lots of things, also that lots of twins got together in 2011 and that is us, we started to date on the 1st Jan 2011 :-) but d

Flying High πŸš€πŸ’œπŸ’« » The shift in me » 2/11/2016 2:21 pm

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Hi all,

I haven't been here for a while again, as am busy with my life. But I do read every other way some of the best posts like by Vera, etc. for inspiration.

I had to come today as something has shifted in me I believe.

Some two weeks ago I sent the email to my guy, dont know why and it was out of the blue. I wrote here about it, it made me more laugh at myself than anything else really.
I havent checked that email since to see if he replied or not.

Not out of fear if he did and what he said. i know he always replies happily if i say something. But I somehow after that realized I dont care any more and have the feelings still.

But how do I know there was a shift in me?

I see the evidence in my everyday life. Lately there are people coming out of everywhere wanting to be with me but so much that its funny.

I dont feel worried that my guy will not return and i stopped to care when and how and I think that was the last what I needed. For a long time I though i didnt care but that wasnt the truth, now I see that its only now that I truly dont care. maybe cause I know he will. So its not that I would give up or anything like that. i stopped to do all the visualizing and only what I do every few days if I feel like is the short version of the Laines method as its fun for me and I do it only as a fun, I dont expect anything.

And ...

I get invitations for dinners and the looks from guys who are in the cafe next to me, in the whirpool, sauna, spa, random guys. i dont look at them, do anything to draw attention, just the opposite.

Even though I know I am a pretty girl and always was I never had so much attention. And my past boyfriends used to tell me how it always took them some courage and some time to ask me a single word as they thought I wasnt open to talk to them or I was too high for them to reach such a girl, etc.

Those guy approaching me are actually nice guys and I do notice them prior them saying anything and feel their desperation to talk to me or sa

Veronica's Videos/ Other inspirational clips 🎬 » Can I? » 2/06/2016 5:25 pm

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OMG this is amazing :-) its impossible to breath as I laugh so much, i have heard that before but now I saved it as I think if it comes to worse and we feel down, this is so hilarious that it would make a laugh even the most sad person :-)

Law of Attraction Discussion » You shouldn't be doing the LOA perfectly » 2/03/2016 5:36 pm

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I agree, I am also less and less in here, havent been here for a couple of days, one reason is i feel i dont need it every day t be here, and also i am quite busy with work plus told myself i want to break in general, just to do what i love and read and so on, just to have fun with myself more :-)

Law of Attraction Discussion » I sent him message » 2/03/2016 4:39 pm

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but i like the silly today, i mean it in a good way :-)

thank you, i feel quite positive more and more i think about it, i started to think like what can really happen? nothing, the worst what can happen is that he wont reply so what? that wouldnt be anything new  (plus he always replies to my messages when they are positive or neutral) and i dont  really care if he replies, all i was worried was that i didnt want to be the first one to say something as months ago we didnt really finish on good terms

but you are right, i will just completely forget about it and just be who i am :-) and today i feel silly :-) excited about life so how could that be bad, right :-)

Law of Attraction Discussion » I sent him message » 2/03/2016 4:12 pm

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I dont know what happened to me today, I felt somehow good and felt like breaking the silence, dont know why as i m never the one saying something
but i just sent him message just asking general how is he
but at the same time felt like maybe that is not what i want, basically i was half-half
half telling me so what just say hi, nothing else, the other part wasnt sure
now i feel like ok you have done it so what but at the same time feel like i should have left it on him and dont be the first one
anyway now am trying to just forget about me sending it, i a m bit tipsy now, have to say that i was so unsure after that, that had some drinks out just to forget about that

what do you think?
i guess when i feel any doubt i wasnt suppose to send it right?
anyway i told myself that its done, and either he will say something nice, or neutral, or negative or nothing

who cares right :-)
it will not make any difference :-ΓΊ

then i told myself: how would you feel if he was again crazy about you and all was fine, would you think about if it was ok or not send some silly message? no you would care really

and if you didnt care about him what so ever, again, you wouldnt care if he replies or not and how and so on

right? so i guess its fine :-)
just suprised me, i went swimming and the whole day kept asking myself what exciting will happen next, and then after pool i again asked so what is the next exciting thing? and then suddenly i sent a message :-)

in a way as i am a bit tipsy i have to really laugh at myself as i feel silly, but this funnily silly you know when you have fun with your actions :-)

just wanted to share with you my silliness :-)

Law of Attraction Discussion » Lost Love » 1/31/2016 6:15 pm

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it happened to me, i did the list like that end of 2010 and very shortly after that i met my guy but for a long time I didnt realize how important he is to me and that he is my soulmate, TBH i realized after he ended our relationship
and then i also realized that my negativity broke the relationship not him
anyway i was never able to feel like we are still together, neither was i able to start new relationship with a new guy and it has been a long time now, i am trying to focus more on my life and at the same time do the Lanies method plus feeling him around me
your story really inspires me

Law of Attraction Discussion » Lost Love » 1/31/2016 5:57 pm

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thank you so much for putting this post up here and inspiring us to keep believing and knowing we are back with our loves, thank you
it means a lot to me, especially today :-)

Law of Attraction Discussion » Anybody read this book? » 1/31/2016 10:26 am

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this actually didnt make me feel very good for some reason, i felt suddenly like without power like if my inner work wouldnt have to lead to what i want as if there is some other reason away from me, why that happen, then I cant influence it, right?

or did I misunderstood?

Law of Attraction Discussion » it will happen again till we learn to overcome it/sort it out? » 1/31/2016 9:54 am

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lately mornings are a bit harder than I would like to but today it took me a while to get back to normal
first I didnt want to write anything about it as yesterday I read what cherished said and I fully agreed plus i feel not that great and then few hours later I am back on track so I thought I will somehow get back up
today I really felt like missing him terribly, really like a lot and it took me much longer than I would like to get back to my normal self I would say
anyway then I started to realize something again, it is a game, its the Universe trying me, trying if I am ready
few years back we split only physically not emotionally and the separation was suppose to last only few months but for some reason, i didn't believe that will happen and instead of feeling grateful that we are still together emotionally just not holding each other in our arms for a while, i went to depression, i just couldn't take him not being here, i was feeling the whole in my heart so much that i couldn't climb back up and see the positive of that, that we were still a couple, just living far from each other and not being able to see each other for many months
today, i realized it is a game, it is a trial for me, as i failed those years back

so today I was thinking if only i manage that what I failed years back, that is it, it will be there till I conquer it, till I find the inner strength to do it once and for all and believe that it is there

it is a bit frightening in a ways as if I failed so many times, one thinks like what if i fail again and again
but on the other hand it is freeing feeling as there is this light at the end of the tunnel
and that is nice :-)

what do you think about that?
i would be grateful for your insights :-)

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