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LOA Questions and Teachings 🙋 » Manifested my ex back... then lost him again. help! » 4/18/2020 6:00 pm

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I’m in a similar situation. Me and my ex have been together a year we live together as well and have a dog together. We have had a bumpy year with a few death and losses and he’s had a bad knee injury this year. He’s 34 and I’m 31. Last year he was obsessed with me and I admit I was liking him but not to the same level. It’s like he was doing all he could to lock me down in a relationship and secure me for good. He bought his house in June and before that wanted me to choose a house with him, which I refused as we had not been together more than a few months. When he bought his house I viewed it before he got the keys with him so I could help him choose furniture for it and I chose literally everything as he wanted us to live in this house together (he did choose some bits too and liked everything I chose) he wanted me to move in with him straight away and I held off for a bit not wanting to rush but knowing I would move in eventually. We parted for  2 weeks in July which was my choice. And he didn’t want it but I lost my auntie and found out I was pregnant and lost that too he was upset about it as well. After that I would spend every weekend down his house with him and week nights he would stay up with me and my housemate as I helped look after her son with her. We got our dog in August. After we got her she stayed at my house during the week and came to his at the weekends with me. He got frustrated a lot as he just wanted me and the dog to be living with him full time. I agreed to move in at the end of November before his family came out for Christmas. I moved in at the beginning of November as my housemate got diagnosed with a brain tumour and her elderly mum was flying over for the operation so I gave my room to her while she was there. The op wasn’t successful and my housemate was left in a wheelchair, partially blind and half deaf. It also turned out it was cancer and from the date of the op to her death was exactly 2 months. I looked after he

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