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Remote Seduction/Influence » RS for a specific job or for a person that isn't your ex » 10/11/2016 11:38 pm

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collie wrote:


Has anyone had any success with using RS/PW on a person that you want to work for/specific job?
Same question about a person that isn't your ex?


Never do rs with sexual intense desire. It does backfire. Rs should be impersonal. The sole intention is for them to realise that your presence is soothing. Gradually increase your feelings and sessions.
Best of luck

Visualisation » Why visualization doesn't always work » 3/02/2016 5:06 am

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 vera  :-*

thank you so much for  posting it this i been thinking about visualisation. 
wow  this is great news that he proposed  ...congratulations !! simply wonderful 


Law of Attraction Discussion » Things/Activities That Make You Happy » 2/04/2016 4:17 am

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I love reading...self confessed nerd lols


Law of Attraction Discussion » LOA Books for attracting lover » 1/06/2016 11:35 am

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Have you tried manifest your SoulMate by eft -Annette Vaillancourt
Its very good read and worth reading.  I was really grateful after reading this book.

Give it a try you won't regret.Be warned there is no tricks to attract back your ex or specific. But I vouch for this book in  giving back your confidence you always wished for,  or lost somewhere along your life journey.

Veronica's 25 Day Challenge » eBook is available worldwide » 1/04/2016 10:43 pm

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I just downloaded it in my kindle. . Thanks and i m in India

Law of Attraction Discussion » Happy new year » 1/01/2016 2:10 am

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Happy new year! Best wishes xoxo

Law of Attraction Discussion » A Fresh Start for 2016! » 1/01/2016 1:16 am

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Hey blessed absolutely agree.... This new year is full of great surprises ahead. Happy new year babe

Happy new year everyone!!!  Best WISHES may this new year bring all your hopes and desires to manifest

Journey Threads ⛵️ » Blessedck's Journey » 11/18/2015 12:52 am

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this really made me smile thank you for making me remember about my own posts. 

i had made a previous thread about how to turnaround my situation with my guy - because i know someday i will make my desired relationship manifest and people will read my success story.

I love mindy project too lols. 

this is really positive attitude <3 and i am looking forward to read your success story

Flying High 🚀💜💫 » What NOT to do..... » 11/17/2015 10:14 pm

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Thank you cherished... Other day someone posted about frequency I think blessed posted that thread. And you posted abraham frequency chart. I was bit confused and wanted to ask how to stay in high frequency. I particularly wanted to ask you. This answers it all. So thank you so much.


Law of Attraction Discussion » Bridal Shower (Grooms also welcome) BYO High Vibe! » 11/08/2015 7:26 am

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My wedding with arun Singh begins like this..

my bridal party dress and arun would be celebrating with our friends day before the wedding and i will look the best!

this one is my traditional wedding dress...or this one

for the wedding reception  ...or this one

this is what my Arun will wear  on our wedding day

this is my mangalsutra design,  Arun will give to me as his token of love and promise.

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