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Forum Rules » Regarding persistent spam posts in Vietnamese » 5/19/2020 10:44 am

I haven't been on here for about a week as I am so busy working at home because of the coronavirus and it is getting towards the end of the academic year and I am busy with students. Although I am a moderator I am not an admin, and don't have the ability to delete accounts. I have contacted Veronica by email twice about these - I guess they are automated spambot accounts and I would love to delete them but don't have the ability. There is another poster, Valkyrie-xo who has not been on here since 20 March and Veronica herself who hasn't been on since 26 February, who are the only two able to delete accounts. It's difficult to know how to get rid of them permanently but I suggest you also contact these admins to delete the accounts as well as raising abuse reports which has at least meant I can delete them. 

Forum Rules » Regarding persistent spam posts in Vietnamese » 4/30/2020 6:12 am

You may have noticed that there have been a barrage of these over the past few weeks. Thank you to those who took the time to report them - this is the first abuse report I have seen since they started back in February. Only this morning I have removed over 35 of these posts about gambling, casinos, poker, pole dancing, property development and haircuts, amongst other bizarre topics. Owing to the coronavirus, working from home and interacting with my students, who are understandably anxious at the moment, in a different way I have had significantly less time to devote to moderating the forum so unfortunately these have been clogging the place up for a while. I have written to Veronica about these today to see if there is any way an anti-spam filter can be applied to get rid of them once and for all. 

Ex/Specific Person Discussion » Should I Stay or Go? Can I Manifest My SP While I'm In A Relationship? » 2/27/2020 3:52 am

Are you wanting to line up someone so that you aren't alone if you finish the current relationship? 

LOA Questions and Teachings 🙋 » Help me because I got rejected » 2/13/2020 4:19 am

Cynthia wrote:

First, decide what it is you really want. Don't limit yourself to what you think it is possible for you to have. Then, in your imagination, go straight to the end result you want and think from the standpoint of already having your desire. Take no outward action to try to manipulate the situation directly. Have faith, persevere, and be patient.

I'm leaving you a few links below to listen to that will explain all of this and are a good introduction to Neville's teachings.

Neville Goddard - Mental Diets

Neville - The Secret of Imagining

Neville - How to use your Imagination

You took the words right out of my mouth! This was the kind of thing I was going to say once I had found out whether Kevin wanted a romantic relationship and was using friendship as a smokescreen for it, which he's replied to.

As usual, brilliant advice

LOA Questions and Teachings 🙋 » Help me because I got rejected » 2/12/2020 6:32 am

Do you want to be friends? Or do you want a relationship and think being friends will lead to that? Firstly be 100% honest with yourself.

Ex/Specific Person Discussion » Did I just loose him? guidance » 1/21/2020 3:24 am

I'm confused by your post. You have been "doing LOA since January" - it is January now. Do you mean you started this January, or January 2019? And your ex just stopped talking to you after being together two years - do you mean he ended the relationship but you were still in contact and he then stopped talking to you? Or he just ghosted you after two years? And are you using the speakers as an excuse to, er, speak to him? Why do you want someone back who just stopped speaking to you? Do you want answers?

Give us a bit of clarity and tell us what you want and why so we understand what your situation is. 

Forum Guidelines » shoutbox » 1/20/2020 8:25 am

I have no idea what Shoutbox is. Perhaps you had better PM Veronica and ask her.

Remote Seduction/Influence » New here, have some questions » 1/15/2020 8:47 am

What would happen if you attract them and they are the right person for you? I'd say that's a success story. I don't know why you are questioning it!

Law of Attraction Discussion » any advice? » 1/08/2020 4:04 am

I think you are way, way over the top with your reaction, or over-reaction. Seriously, you want to be "gone from this world right now" because some bloke you rather like but don't really know, who works in a coffee shop you visit, has posted some tweets that may have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with you? How can he think of you as a "poor human being"? He doesn't know you. Think about that. 

I don't know what the "incident" you refer to is, but what I'm going to do is copy a post here that I replied to yesterday (below). 

I am going to be lazy and refer you to another thread:

In particular, read the very last post by Cynthia. I am being lazy by copying it, but it is the most important thing you need to know, all contained in the last post. 

None of all the other stuff you have said in your post matters. You need to focus on you, what you want, live in the end (read all of Cynthia's post to get the meaning).

[color=#424242]I would advise against talking about this with your mates, and just get on with life. 

And here is something from my own experience:

I listen to the radio a lot at work and a song just came on that reminded me of a situation when I was 18. I met a guy one night when out with my friend.  He was with two of his mates and we chatted to them for three consecutive Saturdays and then on the third Saturday he drove me home and we kissed, he then went to work away for two weeks promising to get together when he returned, and when he came back he ignored me. When I challenged him he just said “I’ve changed my mind”. I spent a year mooning, crying, trying to get him “back”. Nothing happened, in fact he got someone else pregnant and married her when he was only 19. (they later ended up divorced) Over a year later I just made the decision “you know what, this is just enough” and decided to le

Ex/Specific Person Discussion » Keep seeing his name everywhere » 1/08/2020 3:53 am

No I don't think it's a sign. For example, Neville Goddard said signs "follow, don't precede". The physical manifestation of what you want will be the "sign". Looking for signs can be distracting and take up / waste time. 

I'm always wary of what people see as signs because I think it can mean some sort of desperation; sorry I can't think of a better word.

Three years back I decided to look up someone from years ago. I got in contact with people who gave me info including a contact number which all happened serendipitously. I see that as developments not signs. 

I then saw the guy's name everywhere. Surname as a brand of gin, a guy on a music show (who I thought could actually be related), a guy who has written a work policy and a street sign. His first name is not unusual but not that common and that cropped up twice on TV shows.  I always thought things like 11:11 mean, well, zero.


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