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Neville Goddard » Got the MISSING LINK » 1/13/2019 3:28 am

Kute_001 wrote:

rpt.sunnymist wrote:

Thanks for this

Thanks for reply & thanks. Updated last post with real imp edits. 
Great it resonated with you. 

Learning and following Neville. So it is helpful. Thanks again

Calling all success stories! 🎉👏🏼 » It worked!!! » 10/11/2018 4:33 pm

Congrats for your marriage & Thanks alot for writing with details

Birthdays! 🎁 » It's my birthday today » 9/24/2018 1:16 pm

Happy birthday Cynthia. Im thankful to you for your encouraging posts. Have a joyful day

Calling all success stories! 🎉👏🏼 » My success story from years ago » 7/10/2018 2:15 pm

It really encouraged me😇. Thank you so much Jessia.

Law of Attraction Discussion » WhatsApp group » 6/20/2018 9:47 am

Jay wrote:

yes I did   , she something about sending to the wrong link   , did quite get what she meant so I sent my number again this morning UK / London time 


Chill then

Law of Attraction Discussion » WhatsApp group » 6/20/2018 8:15 am

Jay wrote:

any updates on the setting up  this group ?

Have you PM your phone number to Kiba101?

Do it

Calling all success stories! 🎉👏🏼 » Update :) » 6/13/2018 3:39 am

So happy to read this and thanks for sharing its lovelyy

Law of Attraction Discussion » WhatsApp group » 6/06/2018 10:39 am

Group is active and i have informed there of you all. When Kiba (kim) will be online she will add you. Just PM your numbers to Kiba

Veronica's 25 Day Challenge » song suggestions to listen to :) » 5/18/2018 4:15 pm

habibatammar wrote:

rpt.sunnymist wrote:

I listen to this music while visualising

I always lost myself with her in this music 😇sometimes more than half hour and once it was 2 hours straight sitting on bed visualising.

hello dear friend! thanks for sharing im definitely listening to this while doing my evening visualization

Your welcome. You will like it its peaceful and yes, i read your scriptings which is really awesome!!! Thanks to you as well

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