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Help me align please... 🙈 » Lost my marriage engagement » 1/11/2020 12:50 pm

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Hi Cynthia

Thank you so much for your advise. I have taken time to read everything about Nevielle. 
Everything is you pushed out is a very powerful message. Im learning so much everyday. Cultivating a good mental diet. 
I look to the end and I know that my wife and I will be celebrating our anniversary. 

thank you so much for taking time to reply to me. 


Ex/Specific Person Discussion » Specific Person - Dealing With Worries » 11/03/2019 2:26 pm

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Thank you for sharing.

We live in a world where we want results in everything we do. Seeing a message from our ex gives us the assurance or evidence we want.

I sometimes wonder if my ex think about me or maybe I dint mean a thing to them.

However I like to choose to think they are very obsessed with me and in time they will be back xx 💋

Help me align please... 🙈 » Lost my marriage engagement » 11/03/2019 4:02 am

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PrettyFlamingo wrote:

You're unsure about many things, you say. What things are they?

I am unsure if law of attraction attracting her back or am I becoming obsessed? Or am I loosing my mind?
I feel lost.

Help me align please... 🙈 » Lost my marriage engagement » 11/03/2019 3:32 am

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Hi there,

A few months I lost my job that I was with for 10 years. I was dating a girl. She knew this redundancy would mean that I have to leave the country and she expressed her feelings towards me. She wanted me to stay and marriage was on the table. I like her so much. We got engaged . It was the happiest thing . We talked about the future. What we could do.

As time passes by she got stressed. She started to push me away. She was stressed about the future. The wedding caused stressed. She started to say she doesn’t love me and treated me as a friend.
Last week she said she started dating. I got a text message from her last night to say she like to call off the marriage. I replied: ok.

I did not cry . I feel like I’m going to break down massively but I’m angry. I don’t want to break down into depression. I deleted all our pictures, threw everything away. Unfollowed her on social media. I even deleted her number.

I would love to manifest her back in my life. At this moment I’m unsure about so many things but I like to keep the positivity . take care of myself . Is it possible to manifest her back in my life while I am in this state?

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