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Veronica's 25 Day Challenge » Getting My Baby Back » 10/26/2019 12:25 am

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What if my ex lover (who insists that we were never anything more than FWB) and his ex girlfriend (who broke up our relationship and prevented any thing more developing between us) is still trying to manifest (I know she is really into manifesting) getting back together with him, she is relentless, she is very attached because they they grew up together and she is not giving up...We have been fighting (not all the time) about the status of our relationship after things ended romantically after a year because of him going back with his ex, and afterward for two years now.  he insists that he wants to remain friends but does not want to spend time with me because he is still attracted to me and does not want to hurt me by leading on.  The conflict has escalated this past 6 months when he started seeing someone 20 years younger than him. She is quite intent on him and it appears when I have observed her behavior with him,  that she is trying to manifest him to marry her...he is quite in love with her and I am scared of losing him forever. How does manifesting work if there is more than 1 Woman trying to manifest love with the same Man?

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