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Neville Goddard » How to start visualise? » 4/28/2022 1:38 am

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Hi all, I am new to this forum .

I have been practicing Lanie’s method with the guy I like, probably I didn’t stick to rules of no contact, so it turns out not he said he view me as a colleague ( we work in the same place) .

And I know he may need to change office too, while this is a bit sad as I can no longer see him that often .
After some work to raise my frequency, I begin see l chance with this - so we are in separated work place, with less contact chance , may be it could work out ok .

Also trying to learn Neville’s method, I hope this can help.

I used to listen to guided meditation ,

Just wonder, with Neville’s method, do really sit down and meditate to do the visualisation ? Or u would incorporate it into daily life, so every moment you would live as if it’s there.

I have problem with visualise a screen. Just don’t know whether I begin with.

Right now , I can just feel as if there’s a thread linking us, ( in Chinese culture, we believe lovers are linked by a red thread ) , so no matter where he goes, there’s always a link back to each other.

I can imagine / assume the link is there, even during daily activities. Just wonder if this also part of the imagination that can help, or you really need to close eye and do visualisation

Thank you for kind advice

No Contact » no contact in work place » 4/26/2022 1:49 pm

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Hi, I am new to this forum, I am glad that I am here. 

about my situation. 
I developed feelings for my supervisoring colleagues, and we work in the same office . 
it started 2 years ago, when I have to leave for working in another unit for 6 months, he started to changes his respond/ behaviour to me and its clearly he had feelings for me. 
He's a shy and quite conservative person. during that 6 months, he tried to hold my hand while at work, but as I was too shocked, and so I was unable to given an respond. 
After 6 months, I came back and I start doing PW/ BWD visualization, at first, it looked like we will developed into a lover relationship, at one point, he indirectly tested me , if I would want to be with him as well. 

but we were constantly in contact and I couldnt resist the idea of letting him know I care about him. 

another 6 months later ( so its last month ), i just learnt that he may need to change to another unit, so we would be no longer in the same office / workplace, so not seeing each other often or may not even got a chance. 
so I tell him how I feel via text, sensing theres some resistent from him.
then he texted " we are colleagues. take care"

a bit divastrated, i think i screw it up a bit. 
reflecting on it, its because I keep contacting and also, when I visualize, I take into account on the way he would act, rather than the way I desire him to act. 

so with that message , I do cut the cord,  I try to treat him as a colleagues for real, and let it go, let things evolve themselves in the future. 

start over again. 

right now , I am trying to raise my vibration, since I still feel insecure, when I visualise, I know that, I stilll need to raise my energy level, and I try to reflect on the kind of relationship I desire with my lover before engaging in further visualisation. 

the decision on whether he need to change office is not yet confirmed, but I still need to see him a lot in office. 

just wonder, if any of you have exp

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