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Scripting 📝 » My boyfriend's birthday » 7/02/2021 7:03 am

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Today when I woke up I felt so grateful and I knew it is going to be a good day. I got up and looked in the mirror. I looked amazing! My perfect skin, body and long thunck hair were all back and I looked beautiful. I went to make breakfast in bed for my boyfriend. It was his birthday after all! I made full English breakfast and he loved it. He woke up rested with great mood. The rest of the morning was heppy, restful, peaceful and full of cuddles and love. Then we went to restaurant for a lunch. It was Mexican restaurant. We both had tacos, enchiladas among other food. All gluten free! It was delicious. Then we went for a short walk. We hold hands and talked. Ch said that even though his last year was difficult, he is so glad he met me and all that struggle brought us closer. He said I was his biggest blessing ever! I was so happy. He is so good to me.
Then we went home to get ready for his bday party
We got all the food and drinks ready yesterday. So I was serving it and arranging and Ch was taking care of music and atmosphere. Slowly his friends and siblings started to arrive. His sister helped me put the food on table. She is so sweet. People loved the food! Then I got out the cake, out candles in and we sung happy birthday while my boyfriend blew the candles. We were having so much fun. I felt welcomed and loved. Then he got presents. After that we listened to music, joked and laughed. Ch would tell everyone how much he likes me and how great and precious I am and how much he likes me. He was having so much fun and never let me be in distance from him for long. It was the best evening it could possibly be. We fell asleep cuddling while he told me how happy he is that he has me and wants to be with me forever. Then he said I love you! Such a perfect day. Thank you.

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