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Calling all success stories! 🎉👏🏼 » He actually started to care for me » 2/11/2018 5:53 am

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Hi. I've been aware of LOA since last 3 or 4 months. I was trying to find out a solution for my breakup with my person. And suddenly I came across a post on Facebook from which I got to know about LOA. I know I manifested that post as I really wished for something that could actually help me out and something that don't make me feel like why am I doing this.
So, I know my person for nearly 8 years now and we were in a very happy relationship for more than 5 years and suddenly things became worse and of course I manifested that bad situation too. And then I really tried to get back with him but nothing seemed to work for me as he was not ready to talk with me. I came across a video which asked us to go into no contact for a month or so. I tried that but something felt really bad and never wanted to do that. Then I found out about LOA and I never went into no contact after that. I used to talk with my person whenever I was able to.
But slowly after understanding more about LOA, I realised that I don't need to talk with him if he is not interested as most of the time I was just waiting for his message and not getting a message from him was kind of hurting me. I decided that now he'll be the one to text me. We used to talk when we were together but at home I just watched LOA videos and did some mediations rather then waiting for his text message and when I completely let go of getting a text from him, I received one. Yes I manifested a text message from him. I was so happy.
Earlier he was quite cold towards me and didn't cared if I was happy or sad. I do get upset sometimes even now but I explain myself that everything is happening with my own imagination and get out of my sad mood as soon as possible. And now, even he always tries to cheer me up whenever I feel low and within a few minutes I'm back to my normal state. He actually cares for me and talks with me whenever I'm alone and not talking with someone. And yesterday I got all the signs that he loves me. Im so

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