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Immediate Alignment Stickies πŸ’– » Say one of these affirmations for 5 minutes straight today » 12/04/2017 11:44 am

It could be on your lunch break, while you're taking a walk, or whatever. Take a deep breath and affirm yourself:

- I am worthy of ALL of my desires
- I am first best
- I am appreciated
- It's coming

Pick one to do for 5 minutes straight! Best wishes xoxo! Enjoy your day!

Law of Attraction Discussion » Jobs and Self Love: Opinions and hopefully a great discussion » 12/01/2017 10:47 pm

Bugg88 wrote:

Hmm, as far as self love goes I think it’s about focusing on feeling valued.

Some affirmations for a better work environment could be:

I am respected and appreciated at work
I get paid enough money to afford the things I want
My boss is always telling me what a great job I am doing
My coworkers are friendly and supportive

Start Visualizing your work day how you would like it to be. You can also revise the interactions and conversations at work that make you feel frustrated. I bet pretty soon you will start to see positive changes.

Also, on a personal note, there is a person at my job who is always gossiping and causing problems. I started doing Agnes’s rubbing out technique and so far it’s resulted in me being moved to a completely different team where I don’t have to deal with her anymore! Other people including bosses are also starting to notice her bad behavior. So, stick to it. Just keep reminding yourself that you are creating your own reality and what you see now is just a result of past thoughts. It will work!

Good luck!

Ah, thank you! I realized I forgot to add one detail LOL the point of my post: I am leaving this job next month and I want to end it on a positive note, what I am feeling now at the job is not positive and quitting now and running away will result in these thoughts and feelings showing up in my next job or school and who wants that? So yeah, my main point is next month I am leaving the job because of school.

Law of Attraction Discussion » Jobs and Self Love: Opinions and hopefully a great discussion » 12/01/2017 8:03 pm

So, I know a lot of people are manifesting their loved one back on here, and with that I see a lot of people saying self love is important and it is!  But that's not what this topic is about, I want to stray away from the relationships topic for this discussing so it doesn't lead to any comparisons!

Okay,  I personally think self love is so different when it comes to other topics. I was wondering where the many different definitions of self love would come in when talking about a job you are not happy with. To the point where you feel burned out. You don't feel free and as blissful as you did and you're noticing some things within the company that seem rather shady or you don't feel respected. So where would self love come in in this situation? Leaving all of the "everyone is you pushed out" behind for a bit. For me in this situation I want to quit and that's kind of where I am with this job it doesn't make me happy, even people who've left the job have left reviews from way before I even started working here that they were just not happy and felt similar to how I am feeling now, not feeling supported, etc. I start school next month and I'll be a full time student anyway so I wouldn't have time to work here anyway but still that's a month away. I rarely ever post about my own life and manifestations and I just rarely ask for help because I am so confident and happy in many parts of my life. But it's like this one area feels like it's just hindering me and hurting me in so many ways. It just feels like I am stuck. I'd love to hear your opinions and advice! xoxo

Law of Attraction Discussion » Thoughts » 11/28/2017 11:34 pm

I think you're overthinking but yes, once you stop focusing on what you don't want, you stop giving it power right now it's like it has control over you. You give power to your desire when you are happy and positive about your desire. Think of your desire as a rose (or your favorite flower) and your fears as weeds in the ground, are you going to water your beautiful flower or water the weeds in the cement?

Law of Attraction Discussion » Thoughts » 11/28/2017 11:11 pm

Focus on your desire. Period.

Help me align please... πŸ™ˆ » Overthinking » 11/26/2017 1:42 am

I was thinking of making a post about this topic LOL you beat me! But agreed, I am not sure how old many people on here are but I feel sometimes we (I've done it before. Not on here but when id watch certain YouTubers) become dependent on the forum and don't really use common sense when it comes to certain things like what they should say to their love.. I think it's important to understand that when we project fear and doubt we get more back which is why a lot of the posts have similar answers that match the OP "that's what I fear too" I even saw someone comment on someone's post about them being lonely and not having self esteem. Things like that. Like AbeHicks says you can't tune into 98.8 and expect to hear what's on 103.5.

Another thing about self love, I think we should realize that self love is about taking action too when you notice something is bringing you down whether it be this forum or whatever else you should love yourself enough to remove yourself for a little while as much as I like helping people I just can't do with constant complaining and fearful overthinking so I think it's best for me to just read success stories and continue doing what's making me happy I've had success but there's only so much one can take when trying to help others.

Veronica's Videos/ Other inspirational clips 🎬 » The Value of Dreams » 11/24/2017 5:23 pm

Neville Goddard on The Value of DreamsΒ 

This is probably one of the best explanations of dreams and nightmares I have heard and it totally makes sense.

Flying High πŸš€πŸ’œπŸ’« » Remembering to say Thank You! » 11/22/2017 10:11 pm

It's the holiday season and with all of the chaos, crowds and rushing back and forth to the store to pick up last minute items I think in the midst of all of that we forget to say thank you and appreciate those that help us! The cashiers, the workers that help you find what you need, the person bagging your items, etc. These people are deserving of love and appreciation, they have families too yet they're working during one of the busiest times of the year (I am in the U.S so not sure what it's like elsewhere, so this is just my perspective as an American) and possibly working very long hours, standing up all day, etc. I caught myself not making eye contact with the cashiers and just trying to get out of the store today, but I always make sure I say thank you. The least we can do as people who do not work in grocery stores is say thank you. Happy Holidays!

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