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Remote Seduction/Influence » After visualization sensations » 9/13/2018 8:35 am

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Hey! I just started  doing actual meditations about my SP. Before I decided to really commit to RS-ing him, I’ve been having daydreams. I would generally feel a bouyant, giddy feeling. Now, after I usually finish daydreams or thinking about this person and scenarios of him and me I would feel intense sensation in my chest area. Sometimes this builds up overtime and I’ll end up into a swirling goop of emotions. I cried one time. It’s not a particularly “bad” sensation. Just overwhelming.

It feels like I can take on the world. This feeling of restlessness you get, like anticipation, that will get you to do something impulsive. That carefree giddiness.

What do you think about this?

Remote Seduction/Influence » Not sure what I am doing....LOL » 9/13/2018 8:21 am

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Hi  ammrlovesme I think you’re SP/POI got scared from all the sexual rs. Thing is, it’s overwhelming. Especially if that specific person is not that in tune with his emotions (which most people are). Chances are he’s confused why he’s feeling strongly for you. Some men might respond to this sexual pull, but some might not. Think of it this way, from a logical standpoint, it seems really crazy if you feel something for a person that you’re close with and possibly see as a sister or “bro” all of a sudden. This is a sudden shift for them, and they’re struggling to take it all in.

My advice is to envision both of you in a romantic nature. Think of scenarios of a romantic nature. Emotional bonds are much more potent than sexual ones. I’m not saying you must stop with the sexual stuff. Variety is good. But avoid them and stick to romantic ones.

And if he still pulls away, be the one to pull away. Lanie suggested the reverse remote seduction technique (see her blog for reference). They’re going to miss you.

Remote seduction changes your overall aura. It turns you into a more seductive, alluring, and attractive being. You can attract other men if he won’t pay attention. Think like you’re a catch. Other people will believe it, too.

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