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Calling all success stories! 🎉👏🏼 » Incredible finantial success » 3/14/2023 7:45 am

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I am so happy to share my another successs story with all of you. 
Manifesting my SP journey took me and my SP both on spiritual awakening.
It blessed me with amazing finantial abundance. 

I have manifested my annual income as my monthly income with loving multiple income sources
what I love doing, giving me, my skills and education shine and are respectful workstreams. 
It made me expertise in many diff fields, I am very happy also in connection with my SP today sharing this with him too. 

Keep manifesting lots of good things, lovely nature, things that are of mutual benefit, harmoney, peace, abundance.It makes us feel super happy. 

Wishing you all success in your ventures

Law of Attraction Discussion » Dr Joseph Murphy :) I am starting now.. :) » 7/29/2022 1:25 am

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crock1 wrote:

is it working?

Definitely ! It's same knowledge in his style as other diff mentors!
This is ONLY Ultimate truth

Immediate Alignment Stickies 💖 » Give it a Try- By Neville :) » 2/17/2022 12:40 pm

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Love you all.............. Am super happy! 5 yrs, but landed in very positive atmosphere, lots of negativity in life are clear.
Am in my self loving space...... Am sure now all can understand

What am doing now is...
I know am very positive, following Neville who says, God is within you.  Try it! Test it!
It's not for testing......... Thanks and big love to Neville, he changed my life
So I am here... Infinite gratitude. 

Manifesting very specific, least needed ..
I am manifesting a friend with a specific name.  
I will update on forum, once it is done.. let's see..

3-4 times I hv used this name to tease my specific person.
She is my best friend and some story ... just like that.. 
I decided today, to manifest it.. as if am sensing it.. 
I AM IN.. Will update here 

Love you all, happy manifesting

Ex/Specific Person Discussion » HappyNew Year 2022- Venus Retro = Ex Back ! :) » 1/01/2022 9:16 am

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Happy New Year to All my High-Vibe community , Veronica & everyone!
Massive , auspicious year with Pisces Jupiter & Venus retrograde which is at the begining of the year is amazing year!
Venus retrograde is many times ex-coming back ! Expect this text, call, comittment
Be high in self love..... Do giving practices, Send Love. In Meditation to your specific Person. 

I am so happy & greatful now to have this stageof awakening & awareness. Veronica is 1st one who came into my life with this which attracted so much further knowlesge.. LOA works

Do share success stories, all 
Love & Light 

Calling all success stories! 🎉👏🏼 » Manifestation of an offer + IM success + Surrender reached for SP » 11/27/2021 12:45 pm

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my progress.. life is at magical moments, ups and downs
manifestation of a beauty subscription box with exact offer of 2 more freebies i wanted, got email on day 2
what i did ..? only once said, thanks universe for 2 freebies on [name] box.

I am 5 yrs in this journey, much changed. still sometimes getting ups and downs, reacting not responding occured cz am still in contrast. intermediatory stage than contrast. 
I know what life i want, after wedding. I meditated IAM LOVE, self love. 
Now I am feelign this honestl, texted my SP

I want such house, such lifestyle, this is my dressing style
u hv to accpet me what i am.. Cz I KNOW i want this lifestyle. 
I AM rather this lifestyle.. what i look, dress, wear, workign style.. its set
it comes from attitude of "umm...lets go sleep... sleepy.. "

I know wnat hubby's hug, celebrating my bdy and surprises
am texting him now, this is wht I want .. pampering myself.

If u can't its ok, i will get ther MAN

am not telling this to myself from authoriative attitude, 
I am like this easily ..
intially, he attempted to manipulated me , I suffered a lot


Someone told me some negative issue about him. spiritually ad pracice has been done .. like that
I am saying god, pls gimm my best hubby, i want him , love him.. but u give me my best hubby
if he is the one, god will send him.. why to be scared ?? If god dont want me to deal with this negativity, 
god will send other hubby

I realised in whole process of 5yrs, god protected me in all situations
i love god always .. so.. trust god
Doing this will give me the best hubby

I reached this stage that what i want is best hubby (neville said in his lecture, you want happy married life. 
I listened, but agree from within now. cz if anything troubling me being with my SP who's not good, it is not making me happy .. I realised  

Flying High 🚀💜💫 » Black magic & protection » 11/25/2021 3:43 pm

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Black magic is against will controlling anyone's mind and getting things done. We send love , light and communicate in meditation. This is divine way.

Black magic involves low vibes, jealousy, envy, worst intentions of harming other etc.

As we communicate with gods, angels black magic uses negative entity that gives us bad thoughts. That controls our minds against our will.

Person who's not meditating, weak aura, low vibe is likely to get this.

We are aware of thoughts, filtering bad thoughts and choosing only good thought as our reality. So this won't happen to us. Still some times we sense negativity, mood low, we get lost in 3 D world not meditating and being alert of knowledge.

These are psychic attacks, negativity sent to you purposefully or as everything is energy you sense negativity of a person or place.

In such cases, manifestation can't come in our reality. Mind of specific person is being controlled against his will. There are other evil practices where they tie soul of an individual, give negative vibes etc.

Being in love and light is v important. Always stay psychic protected. Universal laws, LOA works hence such people manifest others cruel desire, dance on their toes, get trapped in negativity and if get emotional about then also manifest negative life.

Sending reiki, divine unconditional love to such person , using religious hymns is way to get out of this. It takes time but it works in the end.

Sop, after manifesting your specific person too .. Evil eye people exists.

1. Stay protected
2. Meditation for self love
3. Meditation for daily energy clearance.
4. Regular new and full moon rituals
5. Keep manifesting next goal by our way. It's knowledge of life not just for specific person.

Love and light

Law of Attraction Discussion » Dr Joseph Murphy :) I am starting now.. :) » 10/15/2021 11:05 am

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Exact what I needed ...
What if he comes my door ! What's next target to focus and manifest?

This is living next . If you plan this event,  he MUST show up to your door.
Thanks for the words

RTCal wrote:

To the top.

Due to the short time window - I want to add, that you should make an effort to call even if you do not own the species in question. This is a threat to our hobby; what do you think will be targeted next if they can get their foot in the door on this?


Law of Attraction Discussion » Dr Joseph Murphy :) I am starting now.. :) » 8/13/2021 3:11 pm

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I am in this since few yrs now. Biggest fan, lover, student, follower of Neville. You all will find many posts of mine on Neville. I recently came across Dr Joseph Murphy's audios on You Tubes. When you learn and are throught with 1 teacher god sends yout o other one. Like that, After living-Neville Way, I became excited about him when I listened small 4 min. audio initially. His words, loving attitude is really what I loved, like my Grandfa
Definetly, his words are different and we get different ideas, knowledge, diff sparks lit in ourselves after listening to many teachers as their ways , words of speaking are different. Like reading same record, we get diff knowledge every time I find great resonance with him and gona continue. 
Remember, point is- keep listening, attracting,doing,seeing,talking high-vibe to be aware in present moment. 
As you get more knowledge, you become more emotionally controlled automatically. Like Bob Proctor says it's universal law governing this so just relax, visualize and it gave me confidence being a medical student , science student is very simple lanugage for me to trust, relax, feel good. 
Dr Joseph Murphy, has different stories in his lectures, diff affirmations that am enjoying now. Like we listen Nevilles success stories ..more to that. 

Everyone has their way, they believed themselves and did it. And shared with others. only those whom god choses, attract these knowledge so we should be free to share our experiences and contribute our own methods, experiences, success, our own way of telling people to enrich this field. Listening to legends like all these itself is very very awesome! It really made me more positive in this "in between period" of getting desire in our reality  - how to be positive, not think negative when I listen to BOB Proctor, his laws of energies. 

It's way of living life. It's honestly not to get you ex-back only. I am very thankful to god that I am getting exactly what's needed for me, kee

Self Love » Hey.. Am attracting love ! :) » 8/03/2021 1:18 pm

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Hi All
Love to all

I have been here since my begining of all this.. few yrs now..
I attracted last 2 days successively red rose , came at my dining table
Today, I got an email with subject  Confession : I Love you xxxx (my Name)

Attracting Rose, Such subject lined email.. is all great sign that I am Love 
I am so happy and thankful, excited to share this positivity to all

What you see, people-thoughts-words-other things around you.. All is you are attracting. 
I am so happy, to reach this level and feels too good ;)

Edit : Next day to this , red heart shape baloon seller front of my gallery, never ever in all yrs since am staying at this place, also pink cotton candy with it  
Happy Manifesting 

-- oct 6, 2021 updates-------

Magical experiences, attracting people who are telling me with words
I am beautiful, I have lovely personality & praising me !! Face to face..
Not just one, many such people like 7 yrs later connected 2nd cousing talking to me like we are best sisies ;)
Love is so much around me. Manifested free laptop on extreme contrast event!
I see this now as a transition towards my manifestation! 

1. meditate
2. don't change your mental image in contrast, it changes
3. get grounded in your energy.. script and read your desire reality. This is the only reality.
4. anything happens, write on paper. burn all unwanted, negative. 

Calling all success stories! 🎉👏🏼 » Call received visualization success » 6/18/2021 4:38 am

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I did this randomly with 1 person whom I had nothing bad.
I called but it was not answered. I just had a twitch to check if it works..
I visualized a call of that person, name flashing on mobile phone
only once. 

I got her phone call within 5 hrs asking if all is good with me?
She is having some stomach pain and bla bla....
With specific person, we have resistance, we want it = living in lack 
and lots of negative energy in it, needs to be cleared for this SP phone call

But randomly keep trying, you get to know where you stand in manifestations!
few cases are tough, few are simple. I have seen at my Guru's place since childhood
like spiritually treating for a simple headache, person gets some blessed thing by Guru
and it's gone! But to survive a person in ICU is tough, lots of negatve energy. 
So, don't worry if it takes time to get your ex back. It is also negatiivity in this already 
you have created. 
So, key thing is ...
keep living life like this, practice things on every aspects. You get those manifestations and
it raisies your confidence. you understand more energetically
Master your thoughts, it is always working!

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