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Ex/Specific Person Discussion » Manifesting SP: Semi-Final Stage » 7/18/2020 10:51 am

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Hi Veronica, thank you for your reply. I really appreciate it❤️
From your suggestion what i gathered few things i need to work on. I'm putting the tasks in order, please take a look and let me know if that's in the right direction or something more required🙏🏻

1: Practise self confidence & Love
2: Visualize and practice only positive thoughts & outcome with her (end/desired result)
3: Practise repelling/removing negative/self sabotaging thoughts with meditation/affirmations/subliminals etc
4: Focusing on my career, health and trying best to be happy as much i can.
5: When contacting her for work or she does keep a neutral yet happy/positive approach. Not showing affection, neither bad vibration or anger or complain.
6: Operate or make no decision while feeling angry or frustrated.
7: At the end of the day, Trust god that i am being helped, guided & my desires are coming to fruition sooner than i expect.

If you think these are enough or anything you would like to add please let me know. Will get into a coaching call help to improve this situation?

Two thing i want to mention,

One: While im visualizing her with end result, lots of negative memory kicks in when she behave rude with me or resisted to talk to me. Those moment i just get up and start walking. Is there anything else i should do in this kind of situation?

Two: What if we are talking and our relationship issue comes up, lets say she is trying to talk me out of it to change my mind. Should i avoid discussing it or try to reason with her.

I really appreciate your suggestion🙏🏻

Ex/Specific Person Discussion » Manifesting SP: Semi-Final Stage » 7/17/2020 4:30 pm

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Hi Veronica, i just found the forum. Have been watching your videos. Whereas most of your video focuses on manifesting SP, i have a question regarding my situation though my situation is not quite like most of the people watch your video. Please read carefully as there's two parts to the story🙏🏻.

Part one:

My SP & i known each other for a year now. We met at work. At first she was very attracted to me, later i made the classic mistake of being too available & attached. It was until i said i love her everything was going smoothly. When i said i love her, i expected either rejection or acceptance since she was into me already. Pls note i never approached her in a dirty way or behaved in any bad manner. Some experts label my problem as "Nice Guy Syndrome". But i'd say not every man is a player or needs to behave like one.

Anyways. she went to complete safe mode when i told her about my feelings. She told me about her past breakup which still haunts her, after that whenever she tried to get involved with someone it didnt work out. Therefore she dont want to risk making a bad relation with me. I tired to convince her that she needs to let her past go, she said she's is not ready and asked me to wait & give her time.

I respected that and told i will wait. Fair enough. 8 months passed, each month she seemed getting far away from me & lost attraction to me, she saw i was desperate, another mistake but I never tried to force myself to her during these time, then COVID happened (or still happening!). 

Right now our situation is neutral, in middle there was a time when she saw me emotionally hurting & told me to move on but i couldn't. Clearly i gave her too much control & power, and she misused it. We talk sometime now, we have a good understanding of each other, no bitterness or hard feeling about me, most importantly she understands that i love her truly and wants to make her happy. She admits that i am a good man for her, yet she is not ready to commit,

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