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Flying High 🚀💜💫 » What A NIGHT » 8/03/2016 4:51 pm

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Hey guys!
So last night the guy I'm trying to attract was having a concert. He announced it randomly and got this good feeling to go. So I decided to go with a friend. I had a good feeling. There were a bit of fans He's in a band but was playing solo. He isn't famous famous, he's indie. So I was truly getting kind of doubtful and flustered because I felt like I was competing with them. My friend stayed chill and said that he is already my boyfriend. So we chilled in the back had a drink. We were having a good time. So a song or two towards the end I was annoyed and wanted to leave because girls were giving bad looks. He randomly said let the universe mainefest naturally. I was surprised and I took it as a sign to stay.  After his set he chilled around the bar. Girls kept coming up to him and stuff. I didn't think I should initiated. . (I've met him before as a fan but it was once or twice, those times he showed interest and it's been 2 years) A group of girls were circling talking. I was enjoying the music. When he stares at me from across the room and kept it for a bit. My friend just says omg he's staring and the song playing was My Girl.! I was so nervous and didn't know what to do. So he finishes with the girls and his Firend www outside smoking. So he passes by me and checks me out. It looked like he was going to talk me and my heart racing. All he did was check me out. I was so happy and knew that manifestation is coming.(it confirmed that he has liked me in the past where I got hang out with him for a few hours) that's what happened and I'm so happy

Flying High 🚀💜💫 » Maybe the missing piece of the puzzle to attract someone specific » 6/28/2016 4:39 pm

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You opened my eyes. I want to attract a specific person and I believe and know I can attract him. I think you're right and I used to doubt because he was somewhat famous. I'm just rambling but I have a strong feeling that I am going to attract this person and date him

Scripting 📝 » The perfect conversation » 6/24/2016 2:16 am

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July 23, 2016
I woke up kind of late. I stayed up late texting back and forth with Drew. He is a night owl. It was 2pm. I got ready for the day it was pretty hot outside. I decided to wear dark blue jean short and a big tshirt and sandals. I was pretty hungry. I didn't feel like cooking so I decided to go to Veggie Grill with my sister.  We ate at the park and got a text from Drew. Asking if I wanted to hang out at Venice beach. I accepted the invite. He wanted to hang out all week but I had work. We got home around 4 and we were supposed to meet up with him around 5. We dropped off some groceries and left. Drew was early he had already gotten there. He was with a few friends. We finally got there and Drew was at the monkey bars. He loves that place. Drew immediately got off the monkey bars as he saw us walk up. We greeted the others; it was Keaton, Wesley and jack . Drew hugged me. "We should chill on the beach," he suggested, as I pulled away from the hug. We walked down to the shore we all talked making jokes. We sat around and talked for an hour. Till my sister and my friends suggested to go eat. I wasn't hungry and Drew wasn't either. I wanted to stay at the beach it was a bit more quiet than the boardwalk. I laid down as the others left. Drew followed. The sun was bright, I closed my eyes. "Whats up?" He said. "Really want to know ?" I asked. That's how we got to talking for 2 hours, about everything. He really loved talking about his beliefs. My sister and I had to leave. We both walked back to the boardwalk to meet up with the others. It wasn't that dark outside. Drew and his friends walked us to our car. We all broke into different conversations. "I don't think we had enough time to talk," he said. "Maybe you just talk to much,"I joked. "We need to hang out again," he said. "Soon," i said. "Nope Sunday night," he said. "'Maybe," I said, as I got in the car. He headed to his car.  He looked back as we drove by. He smirked. It was so easy talking to him and

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