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LOA Questions and Teachings 🙋 » Manifested my ex back... then lost him again. help! » 3/05/2020 5:20 pm

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So.. Ill try to make this very long story short.

Me and my boyfriend were together since January 2019, exclusively March 2019. At the time, I had all of the control. He liked me so much. I actually feel bad about it now, but I made him wait a few months to be exclusive. He went to a school 8 hours from me and was my first boyfriend so I was scared. He ended up moving back to where I live, and we started dating. Im not going to lie and say we were absolutely perfect together, nobody is. We would argue sometimes. But he is so different from anyone ive ever met. He was absolutely obsessed with me. Wanted to be with me so bad. I trusted him because hes so smart and sweet and I had no doubt he adored me. Once college started back up again, around september, it was good, but gradually his stress built up since he wasnt doing so good in school and his mom threatened to kick him out and stop paying for school if he didnt get straight A's. We ended up breaking up in december, which absolutely broke me. He was my source of happiness at that point, I never saw that coming. Especially from him. Even though he told me it wasnt personal, he needed to focus on school and his mental health. This is when I got into LOA. I was able to manifest him back and countless more things. Everything I wanted to hear from him. He still loved me the entire time, he didnt do anything with anyone else, he wanted to be with me no matter what, no matter what his mom thinks, he can balance school and our relationship, he was gonna start counseling, and he was soooo apologetic about how he didnt reach out the past month. It was like I was dreaming. He isnt the type to change his mind like this, so I was shocked. However, it was good for the first week, but I started to get nervous. School started again so we couldnt see eachother as much. I think I stopped manifesting and was just worried it would happen again, even though he said it wouldnt. Then it got to the point where we both felt like we jumped

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