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Remote Seduction/Influence » RS - About RS » 2/08/2017 1:43 am

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I just wanted to bump this because there's so much useful info in here..

Thanks Ace and everyone else!!

Remote Seduction/Influence » Doing remote seduction when you think you are fat » 1/21/2017 6:17 pm

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Is there any indication of interest from the guy on her commute? Like stealing glances , standing near her etc?
I think as long as she loves and accepts herself it is fine for her to do RS - actually I think the loving herself part just makes the RS or RI more potent as you naturally vibe higher when you love yourself...

Remote Seduction/Influence » Reverse RS - how do you know it's their emotions? » 1/21/2017 10:11 am

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Dear all!
I'm new here and have been lurking for a while! I love the positivity and the love I see here I'm a noob at RS/ RI but loving them so far.  My q is sometimes I do reverse RS in a loving manner on my guy and it almost always turns into a sexual it him? Or is it me lol?
And how do you know if the emotions you're feeling when you 'walk into his body' is really his?
There was once I felt so dizzy after I did one session and later found out he was sick that same night lol
Just did one and at first felt some resistance on his part then it felt beautiful and peaceful as if he was accepting his feelings ?
He's not an ex btw
Thanks so much!!

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