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Law of Attraction Discussion » Worried I'm reading too much in to things » 6/26/2016 3:22 pm

Hello everyone! I hope you've all had a great weekend!

My ex hosts a radio show and when we were together I used to chat to him online while he was presenting and give him topics to talk about. He gave it up shortly before we split but started again last week and I once again chatted him through it. I had no plans to listen tonight unless he asked me to and just before he went on air he asked me if I was going to. I couldn't listen to the whole show he continued to message me while I was busy doing other things and when I tuned back in he said on air that he was rearranging his playlist so that he could play something he knew would be appreciated by at least on listener. He played Gett Off by Prince which is one of my favourite songs and absolutely FILTHY! We then had a text chat about the line '23 positions in a one night stand' and it wasn't awkward but not overtly sexual although I did reference our sexual history by flattering him and reminding him of a good time we had.

I am visualising every day along with scripting and earlier in the week I had a 'vision' of a photo of him and his daughter one posted on Facebook today - it was almost identical to the photo I visualised earlier in the week but was taken at lunchtime today! My vibration is SO high that I'm worried I'm reading too much in to everything so I would value any thoughts anyone has on what I'm experiencing please

Thank you x

Veronica's 25 Day Challenge » Visualisations keep turning 'naughty'!!! » 6/13/2016 6:23 am

I am on Day 6 of the 25 day challenge and every time I am visualising being with R it turns to being in bed together! At the start of our previous relationship we were very physical as well as having an amazing connection in our every day life. I know that when we get back together and start our new relationship that the sexual spark will be there once more.

Does anyone else have this experience?

Veronica's 25 Day Challenge » Starting the challenge today!!! » 6/08/2016 1:11 pm

Having read about it for just over a week and not fully committing to it I've decided to take the plunge today - last night I hit a major downer about my situation and I don't wan to go there again!

It's my birthday tomorrow and I will be seeing my ex - we are members of the same drama group and there are auditions this week for our next show. We are great together when we see each other but he is cold when we communicate by text. Any ideas/thoughts/suggestions how I can handle this?

Thank you

Veronica's 25 Day Challenge » Re-starting my 25 Day Challenge. Is NC a good thing? » 6/08/2016 5:39 am

I'm restarting my 25 day challenge again today too xxx

No Contact » If you're about to break No Contact, POST ON THIS THREAD!!! » 6/01/2016 10:08 am

When my relationship ended I read up about No Contact and committed myself to 31 days. That's over today.

Because of the circumstances complete No Contact wasn't possible - we were working on a play together - and I was my usual fabulous self around him when I saw him at rehearsals several times each week and didn't contact him when we were apart. There were exceptions to this - twice he contacted me and I played it cool and responded after a period of a couple of hours and was friendly but kept it brief and also a couple of play related messages each way. People who knew we had separated regularly asked if we had got back together because of the relationship we have. I last saw him on Monday (our play finished on Sunday but I went to see something he was involved with on Monday evening) and I now don't HAVE to see him ever again if I choose not to. However, he is directing a play and auditions are next week and for months I have been preparing for this. I KNOW we will be back together - I have manifested in the past and I am sure I manifested him in the first place - however, I am SO tempted to contact him today because this is was the day I was working towards for the last month!!!


Law of Attraction Discussion » Past manifesting without knowing it!!! » 5/31/2016 12:37 pm

I have been looking into LOA for a few days with regard to getting my ex back and today I was hit by the fact that at several times in my past I have manifested people/events without knowing it! I had a crush on my ex husband when I was 11 and didn't start dating him until I was 18 and we were then together for 14 years. I was so insecure when we were together that I knew that if we were ever to split he would leave me for the gf he had when I was 11 and they were 13 (I even used to dream about it happening!) and he did and they are now married. And then today at work  I was looking at a book of my local area thinking I would see a photo of myself when I was younger or maybe a family member and I saw the house I lived in when I was married (both mine and my ex husband's cars were in the photo outside the house!) and remembered that 5 months before we moved into that house I had sat and looked at it and said I wanted to live there! I'm taking this last event as definitive proof that LOA is real and that manifesting my ex bf back in my arms is simply a matter of time!!!

Veronica's 25 Day Challenge » New to LOA - want to get my ex back » 5/31/2016 1:20 am

I saw him last night and it was as if we hadn't broken up other than there was no physical contact. I will not see him now until next Monday but I am 100% certain he will contact me before then

Remote Seduction/Influence » New to this! Help please!!! » 5/30/2016 11:31 am

Thank you for your reply 

I have been reading Lanie's this afternoon and tried it and I feel really positive about it and so will be using it as often as I can. I have the opportunity to see him this evening and am considering trying it while I am in the same room as him. It will be a public place and I will be interested to see the effect it has 

His job makes no difference to me whatsoever - the new job is something far more suited to him than the previous one and I truly believe will give him more satisfaction. I am currently manifesting a brand new romantic relationship with him and feel that the time we spent apart has given me a far greater understanding of us both 

Remote Seduction/Influence » New to this! Help please!!! » 5/30/2016 6:51 am

Hello and thank you for reading my message 

Our sex life at the start of my relationship with R was incredible but gradually died completely after he lost his job in February. Although he got another job (lower paid) he ended it with me around a month ago and so while I fully believe the spark would have come back I've not had the chance to find out 

Will RS work in this circumstance and how do I do it?

We are still friendly and see each other at least once a week as we are involved in projects together so I believe it is 100% only a matter of time before we are dating. I want a new relationship with him rather than to rekindle the old one 

Veronica's 25 Day Challenge » New to LOA - want to get my ex back » 5/30/2016 4:24 am

Thank you 

I find writing it down easier - is that what's called 'scripting'? Also I am now repeating positive affirmations every time I go to the bathroom to myself in the mirror. Feels a bit strange but I'm getting 'butterflies' in my stomach in anticipation of something manifesting 

Last night was the final night of the project I've been working on with R and I made him laugh just by doing something that I would have done even if he hadn't been there. And then I winked at him and blew him a kiss and he smiled. I don't HAVE to see him ever again if I choose not to but as he is involved in something this evening that I'm interested in attending (and would be interested in regardless of him being involved) I am considering going purely from the point of view of doing something I enjoy. I know he will pick up on my higher vibration which can only be a positive 

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