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Veronica's 25 Day Challenge » Veronica's 25 Day Challenge » 5/31/2021 10:59 pm

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Hey can you share the book with me? I want to try her challenge but I cannot find the ebook

Veronica's 25 Day Challenge » 25 Day Challenge - Can’t find ebook » 5/31/2021 10:58 pm

Replies: 2

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Hey all!
My boyfriend (don’t want to call him ex) and I broke up few months ago. We got in touch and then spent some time together. I was the one who used to ask him for another date and then when I stopped his conversations became just when it was needed. I’m want to manifest a loving committed relationship with him.

I tried using Abraham’s guide but didn’t have much luck. I want to do the 25 day challenge but veronica’s ebook is not available on amazon. Do you guys mind sharing the ebook or images of the book? I’m following her YouTube videos for manifestation.

I’m a student so I don’t have the money to get consulting but I would like to try her 25 day challenge. I love him a lot and I know he loves me too. He shows his love but something or the other happens and he pulls back. I need help manifesting.

Please let me know if anyone can help.

Thank you!

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