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Health and Wellbeing » Currently struggling. HELP! » 7/19/2021 2:20 pm

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IbrahimDoucoure wrote:

Hey my name is Ibrahim. Can anybody drop a few links with current meditation techniques they’re using. I want to see exactly what everyone else is using, comment below. 

There are a bunch of YouTube videos on meditation that are collated on one site here. Hope it helps !!

Law of Attraction Discussion » Remote Seduction Tool » 7/19/2021 2:09 pm

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Sneakmasterflex wrote:

dandelion99 wrote:

Does the target always see you as beautiful or attractive, even if they wouldn't necessarily in real life? Is RS like putting a glamour spell on someone? I am interested in how the target actually sees the person doing the RS.

That depends on many things. How well does the target know the rs:er, if at all? If the target is a friend, they will already value you somewhat, otherwise they wouldn't be a friend, would they? Also remember that RS seeps into the targets subconscious first, meaning any conscious thoughts they will do about the rs:er will feel to them as if the thoughts came from their own mind.

However, the question is slightly besides the point = If the target didn't previously consider the rs:er as "their type", because of looks(or whatever reason), then consistently insisting with your RS sessions will at some point change those feelings in the target to something like "oh he/she is actually pretty good looking in his/her own way, why didn't I see this before?"

Good analysis!!

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