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All Challenges Here! 💪🏼🌈 » so many questions - all of a sudden ! » Today 6:04 am

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Hey !

I dont know why things coming to me ? I ha so many questions y'day. 
1. =14pxi am wfh , consistent, dedicated. 2017-2020. now i am feeling, i do hv extra time i should do something different. 
=14px2. am thinking 2.1. life after wedding. i dont wana be treated as house wife. but i enjoy work from home. In India ppl dont understand this much.
=14px2.2 I mst hv my own life, cz in past i was only centered around him and that made me needy, made fights.

=14px​I dont hv employee mindset , i already hv few ebooks self authored, i was column writer and famous in my state in 2010-2011. I handled this separation tough state nicely by setting 1 stream of income source by my current work from home. I changed in looks, appearance so much and living happy positive that parents troubling me saying - how can she be happy in our home! lol ..
=14px​Doing something my own , taking office - but i am again feeling , i want bit like minded contacts to eat street food along with. being self sufficient makes us isolated? meditation made me stronger, i hv been working form home so might be feeling this but .................
 Everything is I AM -- still i feel need of fun loving friends. 

Prior, i was pampered girl in indian family, always family around. And i wasnt fun loving. always studying, doing somehting, cz parents were my energy sucker, expecting more and more out of me.  
now i am feeling, after reading bob proctor, ok- i hv all money NOW, then wht am i gona rest of my life? for daily routine? In colg days, girls used to be bad as well , being focused to get good degree etc were priorities. 
Now , I am educated. I am having all set - then what am i gona do? 

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